June 11, 2015

Russian Lace Mat continued

Russian Mat
Here is a photo showing the progress of my Russian mat - this was taken on 15th April - so it has actually progressed quite a bit further than this now- I must remember to take another photo next week when I am working on it :) ... Plod... plod...plod :) LOL ...
By the way - Out of sight, to the right,  under the worker cloth there are 6 pairs of Continental Lace Bobbins (1 pair of which is a gimp pair) Madtatter I will try and get them in the next photo :)

March 19, 2015

Russian Lace Mat

Hi All - I am still here - It's been a while since my last post - still mastering the vagaries of a new mobile phone and computer - however .... I am also working on items that have to be kept quiet ;) but I have also returned to working my Russian mat ... it was tucked away in the studio cupboard for 3 years or so as I had other priorities such as workshops to plan and items to make for them. This mat was started 10 years ago this May so I think that it is perhaps time it was finished so for the last 4 months I have been working on it at Wednesday lace group (weekly) and Saturday Lace group (fortnightly) ... it has come along since I took this pic ... must take a more up to date one soon.

November 3, 2014

My Uthando Doll

My Uthando doll wearing a "Little blue wrap around dress" accessorised with a silver "ribbon" belt with yellow daisy buckle and a "fruit" print bag with daffodil feature :)
Little pink tie ribbon dress with feature daffodil
"Cupcake" print dress with white feature daisy
If you don't know what the Uthando project is ... you can read about it here
I didn't use much of the material for clothes provided in the $5 kit as it needed hemming ... but made my doll's clothes from "cut" up socks - even the fruit and cupcake dresses/skirts were socks!! 
My apologies to everyone for being a naughty Blogger this year - it's been a very busy year and I also don't take my camera out and about with me much as back in May I got a new Samsung S4 mobile phone and take all my pics with that - I have only just found the time to sit at my main computer and work out how to get the photo's from the phone to go on here! being a little bit computer illiterate as I am ! :) Now I know how to do it - I will be able to blog more regularly.... yay!
Back to the Uthando Doll - my friend Maureen saw a lady selling the kits at a craft show here in August last year and mentioned it to us at my Stitchety Grubs Embroidery group ... would we like to do one??? ... she bought the kits at the fair this past August and 4 of us are making them ... I will see if I can get a pic of them all before they are sent off.. there is no deadline other than we decided to do ours by Christmas... I finished mine yesterday... I hope whatever little girl ends up with her that she has many hours of enjoyment from her :)

March 16, 2014

Needle Lace and Textile Slave Bracelet

Couched outline thread, Wire and bead Needle Lace head

Embellished and cut out

With the book with the inspirational picture

How it looks on

First of all - I haven't fallen off the edge of the Earth! - just been really busy through the Summer months here in Australia working on the workshop I will be teaching at the OIDFA (International Organisation of Bobbin and Needle Lace) congress in Adelaide in July - I will also be having a stall there selling my Hand Painted Bobbins - so I have been busy painting many, many bobbins! I have also been working busily on a Bedfordshire Lace Hankie which is time consuming... Anyhooooo....
Here are pics of the Slave Bracelet I made last year- The inspiration came from an old book on Jewellery that I found at an Op Shop (Charity Shop). The original piece was made for a production of Cleopatra. I have also made a matching pendant and earrings but hadn't realised I hadn't got photo's of them - must take some next time I wear it ... the pendant is a repeat of the round "head" part and the earrings "echo" the wiggly tail! LOL :)

December 24, 2013

Tatted Christmas Decorations

Tatted Ornaments
Hi All - Here is a photo of last year's 4 Tatted decoration that I made - Tatting, sequins and beads mounted on craft felt and buttonhole stitched around with metallic thread - Top row L>R Mine, Daughters, bottom row L>R - son's Girlfriends and sons :) Hmmm....must remember to take a photo when I take the new (this year's) ones off the tree in early January :)

December 20, 2013

Handmade Christmas Decorations larger photo

Larger photo when you click on it

Close up of the 2 peacocks 

Hi - Just popping the photo of the Embroidered/Textile decorations on here again - this time if you click on it you should get a larger view (I post the photo's smaller usually so they don't take ages to load) This is especially for you Madtatter80 :)
Tiger C - I found an additional photo of the 2 peacock "tassels" I designed and made last year made for my Embroidery Kris Kringle Swap - I was a smart bunny and made 2 so if they came out really good I could keep one LOL - the photo shows one from the back and the other front side :) The one I kept is on the right :D (slightly lighter gold thread and I think I put a couple of extra tatted ring "feathers" in the tail)

December 18, 2013

Bobbin and Tatted Lace, Embroidered and Textile Christmas Decorations part 2

Decorations from Lace friends

Embroidered and Textile Decoration by me  
Here are some more of the Handmade Christmas Decorations that are on my tree - the first photo show decorations given to me by other Lace making friends.... Those of you in the Online Gumlace Group ....Do you recognise any? Unfortunately I never thought to keep a note of who sent what ....I know Barb S sent me one of the stars in a bangle one year though as I have 3 I don't know which one it is ...- and the (Crochet) white on navy felt with the dangly turquoise beads in the centre was from a friend at my Lace Group - Michelle B.
The little "diamond" shaped bauble at bottom right was from Noelene L (Gumlace Group)and the long bobbin lace decoration at the very bottom right is a bit special as it was made by a lady from my lace group who was killed in a car accident in 2000 - I bought it at the West Australian Cattern's Day Fair in 1992 - I remember because our group hosted it that year and my son was a teensy baby of 3 weeks!
The decoration 3rd from the left in the top row was a Kris Kringle gift many years ago ... I have to hang it on the tree near a light as the light gets pushed up into the white plastic bit at it's base and then the hologram foil in the background shines and flare and is all pretty :)

The bottom photo has Embroidered and Textile Decorations made by me:
Top row L>R:
polystyrene ball covered with sequins and bugle beads (we all made these at my Lace group one year), Large white polystyrene bauble covered with stretchy (sock!) embroidered with my son's 1st Xmas and next to it my daughters 1st bauble which was white jersey fabric.
Next row L>R:
a little Angel made with Safety pins (!) and Pearl beads (again one we made at the lace group) purple so this one is my daughter's, A white and red seed beaded motif with red tassel (sons), a small blue "Dottee" doll - as it's blue it's my sons!... A blue crazy patch heart (my sons) a white Xmas holly fabric "Dottee" doll (mine) a cross stitched "Rudolph" head (done on plastic canvas, my white felt "tassel" peacock has tatted loops on its tail (made last year, 2012) Daughters Purple "Dottee" doll, Daughter's purple crazy patch heart, beaded bell angel (done from a kit)
Next row L>R:
Cross stitch Poinsettia (mine) 2 hand painted large Gumnuts (we all have a couple of these in different colours with different pictures that I painted on them- they do have our initials but here they are too small to see), Orange felted heart with sequins (mine) , Purple seed beaded angel (again a Lace group project one year) purple so it's my Daughters, cross stitch holly leaves (daughters), red and gold seed beaded angel (mine) pale pink pearl bead angel (mine), Cross stitch on plastic canvas, Snowman - (sons), (jump to far right)small white Broderie Anglais lace angel (mine)
Next row L>R:
3 beaded baubles (Lace group project) top one is mine and is purpley/blue and silver beads, bottom left, blue beads (sons) and purple (Daughters), Orange felted heart (pink sequin so sons girlfriend's) blue pearl beaded angel (sons) 2 small beaded angel (large red "crystal" bead as skirt (lace group project) identical except bead above it's head one is blue/green (mine) the other purple (daughters), red "Dorset button" with tassel (mine), small white felt naive bird (mine) blue sead beaded angel (sons) small beaded/crystal angel (sons) and a white and red seed beaded motif with white tassel (daughters)
Bottom Row L>R:
2 painted Gumnuts, orange felted heart (sons), white circular decoration (made by wrapping thread over a childs' bangle then a small disc of felt sewn in the centre with gold sequins and beads then covering it, clip the thread and take off the bangle), Hardanger decoration (Mine) and orange felted heart (daughters)

December 15, 2013

Bobbin and Tatted Lace, Embroidered and Textile Christmas Decorations

Lace Decorations I have made over the years

Close up

Hi All - Here are some of the Christmas Decorations which I hang on our Christmas Tree.
Each year since my 2 children were born I make them a decoration. The theory was that when they moved out they would then be able to take theirs and would have a good start on collecting decorations for their own trees. Well - though not initially - I decided early on that I should really make one each year for myself so that my tree wouldn't be too "Naked" when theirs went...LOL! Also it's a good way to try a new lace or embroidery technique.
The first photo shows lace decorations that I have made over the last 24 years.... from top left to right:
A bobbin lace Christine Springett Kit (Diamond shaped) decoration, "Halas" Needle Lace Angel decoration - my design, Tatted Motif (Lindsay Rogers "Tatting Collage" #D12) mounted on felt and blue "Angelina Fibres", Wire Bobbin Lace "Star" (Jana Novak's "Julekniplinger Bk 5" B0480).
Next row L>R, Red and Green "Tassel" decoration - made with Needle lace "Couronnes" (My design), One of my early tatted pieces based on a bookmark with a bell on the bottom and blue ribbon (Means this one is my sons!) and berries at the top, A Needle lace Tree on a hand painted background mounted in a bangle - blue sequin on pot means it's my sons! (My Design), Round bobbin lace Christine Springett kit decoration, Tree decoration as before but Purple sequin means it's my daughters!, Dark Purple (yes - daughter's ...can you sense a theme? LOL) felt decoration with Tatted motif (Patti Duff #4) with a sequin and bead in the centre -these were last year's (2012) ones.
Next row L>R, Tatted dec as before but my daughter's, the next 4 are different Christine Springett bangle decoration Kits , 
Net Row L>R, Pink Felt (Son's Girlfriend's... also a theme as she loves pink!) Tatted Motif (Patti Duff #1), My lighter purple felt Tatted motif dec (Patti Duff # 7), Blue felt Tatted Motif (My son's) (Patti Duff # 10) and a heart-shaped Chritine Springett Kit dec.
Bottom row L>R, Needle lace tree as before but in Pink for Son's Girlfriend and my own Needle lace tree dec.

Next photo show a close up of some of them.

I have lots more hand made decorations to show - you - in my next entry - stay tuned :)

December 7, 2013

Tatted and Kumihimo necklace being worn

And here is the lovely Jane Atkinson wearing the Tatted/Kumihimo Necklace and Earrings which I made for her... :)

December 6, 2013

Tatting and Kumihimo Floral Necklace

Hi All - yes - I am still around - I have been very busy in the studio - especially with the run into Christmas.
At the Beginning of November I attended a 3 day workshop with Jane Atkinson from Dorset, UK - It was great fun. Jane had been tutoring around Australia - I had met her 4 weeks previously at the National Australian Lace Guild AGM week in Sydney, where she was teaching - I couldn't attend her class there as I was a teacher too! but I took the opportunity when she was here in Perth. During the weeks between Sydney and her arrival in Perth - I made her a set of Jewellery which matched her clothing that she had been wearing during the conference week - It comprises of a Kumihimo braid and Tatted leaves and Flowers and of course some beads! :)
I had made myself a set in Greens and oranges which matched one of my outfits that I wore during the conference week - and Jane had commented on it.
I hope she enjoys wearing her own set :)

November 12, 2013

Tony's 21st

Hi All - I am still alive! LOL! I have had a busy few months - preparing to Teach in Sydney at the AGM - which went really well - I had a fabulous week (the one before the AGM) - a few days playing tourist in Sydney City Centre and then a few days with a lace friend - the usual great time at the AGM week - my annual catch up with my lace mates from around the country .... then a few busy weeks painting bobbins (Stock for our Annual Cattern's Day Fair here in Perth a week this Saturday) .... and also painting bobbins ready for my stall at the International OIDFA congress in Adelaide next July.... I am also well underway with preparation for my next workshops next year - no peace for the wicked.... The photo here shows as all a week ago last Saturday for Tony's 21st celebration (actual Birthday was on the 3rd) .... Awww... my baby boy ...21! :)

August 12, 2013

Cordonnicot Needle Lace

There is information about my "Cordonnicot Needle Lace" in various posts in this blog, here, here, and here - but you can also read about it here: http://stitchetygrubs.wordpress.com/  just go to the home page and click on the tab Titles "Cordonnicot Needle Lace" :)

5oth Birthday Card

3D 50th Birthday card

Here are some pictures of the 50th Birthday Card I made for my best buddy - I had thought I had taken a photo of it in it's closed position - but I can't seem to find the photo at the moment...hmmm. I have neglected this blog a bit recently - I have been busy working on lace for future workshops ....all stuff that is "Secret Squirrel"..... I can now reveal that it is confirmed that I am teaching at this year's Australian Lace Guild AGM week Sept 29th - Oct 5th - and I am thrilled and really looking forward to it - I am currently busy with the students notes and alongside all this I have been madly painting bobbins for my stall at the OIDFA International Lace Congress here in Adelaide, Australia in July next year..... as well as the usual everyday orders and my new Price List stock which I need for my stall in 6 weeks time in Sydney and for here in Western Australia for the annual Cattern's Day Lace Fair at the end of November ...busy busy busy! :)

I have also been setting up a second blog - using Wordpress as it allows me to have title tabs :) ...so I have just spent the morning getting the hang of it! 

August 2, 2013

Tatting on a Needle case

Hi All- Yes - I am still here - Blogwise - I have been doing mostly lurking as the things I have been working on this year have been "Secret squirrel" stuff ... either things that I am teaching at an upcoming Lace conference or for exhibition/display ... so all hush hush - which means of course that I don't have much time to blog or even load pics on the computer or the pics that I have taken can't be put on here (yet).... however - here are a couple of pics of a Needle case I made for one of my Gals' Birthdays earlier in the year (Carol Lee),  she attends my embroidery group :) it is rather cute and I wish I had made myself one - especially as I collect needle cases - oh well - something to do in the future :)
Silvery grey panne velvet for the background :)

June 2, 2013

Textile Cuffs

Dyed Velvet Textile Cuff

Me wearing it! 

Hi All - I can't believe another month has whizzed by .... Yesterday I did a talk/demo thingie at the West Aussie Branch of ATASDA (Australian Textile Art and Surface Design Association) meeting - they had asked me several months ago to show them my cuffs in particular - so the last couple of months I have made some more - here is one of them - this one is dyed velvet - with painted and heat gunned nappy liner machine cording, beaded "Couronnes" (rings) and extra sequins and beads, blanket stitched around teh edge (lined with felt) - it fastens by loop and buttons.

May 5, 2013

Lace Heart and Cross

Modern Greek Lace Heart

Modern Spanish Lace Cross
Hi All - Here are a couple of pics - one of a Modern Greek Bobbin Lace heart and one of a Modern Spanish Lace Cross - from the workshop that I did with my mate Ethel Zuccolotto in Sydney last October - the thread is some beautiful hand dyed variegated silk which I bought when I was at the OIDFA congress in Japan in 2010 and I had been keeping it for a special project :) I have sewn them to fabric and will probably make a couple of Kumihimo braids and turn them into jewellery :)
Tomorrow early I am  picking up my mate and driving down South for a 6 day trip to Albany - the Lace Group down there are having their Annual Lace "weekend" (actually on Thursday and Friday) and the other 3 days we are exploring... gonna be great :)

May 4, 2013

Flag Counter changed

Rotten Neoworx have taken away my Flag counter ... after a trial period - which was at least 4 years!!! now they want to charge for it !!! so now I have a free different one only thing is my 22,000 visitors (approx) aren't on record as it starts all over again neither are my visitors from 127 countries ... :p  Giant Raspberry to them !!! Mongrels!

April 18, 2013

Completed Lace piece and up date

Finished Triennial Lace, Prize and certificate
Me wearing my scarab Jewellery for my best mates 50th Birthday last month

Yes, Folks- I am still alive - it's been a couple of verrrrry busy months since I blogged last - I have been busy in my studio... preparing for a workshop that I am teaching later in the year - pieces have to be designed, made, finished, photographed etc etc.... and I have now also started painting bobbins for this year's stock now that the weather has finally cooled down here in Western Australia ... we are having the hottest April on record so far - but this week is thankfully cooler - 24-28 °c rather than the first 2 weeks when it was in early to mid 30's! I am also plodding away on a piece which will be for our country display next year in July for the "OIDFA" (International Bobbin and Needle lace Organisation) congress in Adelaide, South Australia - the first time it has ever been to Australasia woot! woot! ...can't tell you what it is exactly as it is "Secret Squirrel" LOL
  However I am taking pics and will post them on here in August next year! :D 

I have booked my flights for the Australian Lace Guild national conference week in September - as per the last 2 years I am once again going the week before... the last 2 years I have stayed the first week with a lace friend and her hubby - I am still staying with them this year but the first 4 days I am staying in an hotel in the centre of Sydney before going to my friends house for the 2nd half of that week - the 2nd week we will both be at the lace conference - I am on "the menu" this year to teach bobbin lace - but won't know until early August if there will be enough students - if my class doesn't go ahead - I will do the "Social Group" for the week and take something new and exciting to do :) My friend is also down to be teaching but we wait with baited breath to see if we will be working or playing :)

February 2, 2013

More Needle Lace and some Tatted Christmas Cards

Fillings all complete and the padding and Cordonnette underway

Close up of the padding and Cordonnette


still a ways to go...

Tatted Christmas Cards that I made for the Gumlace (Australian Online Lace Group)swap

I made 4 altogether...

All four :)  
Well -January has been and gone and we are into February - I have been incredibly busy for the last couple of months and it will be like that for most of this year and the beginning half of next year! So my blog posts will be somewhat erratic - a lot of the work I have been doing recently - is "Secret Squirrel" .....that is....either for gifts, competition or future workshops - so I can't put pics on here or post about it ... if I do get a chance to do any "fun stuff" I will be sure to pop it on here :)

November 13, 2012

Needle Lace and Bobbin Lace Heart's Desire part 1

Picture 1 

Picture 2

Picture 3
Hi All - Well here are the first picture's of the progress of my Heart's Desire jewellery - The design was based on the Dorothy Mackellar Poem as mentioned in my previous post. The sides of the neck part were worked in Milanese Bobbin Lace - right side in Blue Moravia Linen thread and the left side in a salmony coloured Moravia Linen thread. The pattern is "Meander in Braid 2". I worked this on a lace pillow ... ended it off then couched the bobbin lace pieces into place on the needle lace pad ... The rest of the design was then outline couched....and the needle lace fillings begun ..... the outer flames first in single corded Brussels with beads added.... and a couple of the parts of the coiling "Lithe Liana's threads used for the needle lace were mainly silks but some cottons too... The white base of what will be the feature "Opal" is in place (Single Corded Brussels Stitch)....The 2nd picture shows the background "Sapphire Misted Mountains" worked in single corded Brussels and also Pea Stitch Variation... the Lithe Liana on the left has now been filled in with single corded Brussels stitch with "Venetian Gros Point" four hole included as well as a version of this with 4 beads in formation rather than the holes... The "Sunburnt Country" in the foreground (right) is now worked - again in Single Corded Brussels stitch but this time with a Venetian Gros Point 9 hole feature and also deep charcoal coloured real pearls... the dry "River bed" is now under construction in single corded Brussels with beads every now and again on the straight return ...

October 30, 2012

My Triennial Lace 2012

My Triennial Competition piece 2012
Hi All - I have been a slack blogger in recent months - mainly because I have been busy in the studio - painting bobbins for the recent Australian Lace Guild AGM at the beginning of this month and also on my Competition piece - which you can see in the photo above. The theme for This year's Triennial was "My Country" poem - by Dorothy Mackellar. I made this jewellery set to go in the Mixed Lace Class but as my entry was the only one I was asked if it could be moved into the Contemporary/Innovative... not really the correct class so I didn't expect to win - but I did get a "Highly Commended" and the prize was the most FABULOUS glass dish you can see also in the photo - (The first place glass dishes appeared to be much larger so goodness knows how the Interstate winners (if there were any) manged to get them home on the airplanes!) Mine fit quite nicely in my on-board back pack! hehe. I will be posting some photo's in the next blog entries as I took lots of it as it progressed :D