September 20, 2008

Lace Conference

Hi All
Just a quick message to say I fly off to Brisbane at 7.35 am tomorrow morning not sure if I'll get to post again whilst I am away though I am taking my Asus Eee Pc I am not sure for the first week at the conference facility about getting connected and then the week after at my mates house it might be more of a possibility... I am back in Perth on Sunday 5th October so I will catch up with everyone after that if not before... be good hehe!

September 15, 2008

Daffodil Purse

Hi All - I had a fabulous time the weekend before last - down at the Lace weekend in Albany. My friend and I stayed in a 2 bedroom unit which really nice and we hope to stay there again next year. I prepared my needlelace pieces for the upcoming Australian Lace Guild Conference AGM week next week... I fly to Brisbane this Sunday early. I am really looking forward to it and catching up with my interstate Lace friends! I have been really busy this past week and weekend getting things ready for teh conference and as I am away for an additional week straight after I have had quite a lot to get sorted. I am still madly varnishing a final batch of bobbins and spent an hour and a half this morning labelling another batch!
Here are a couple of pics of my Daffodil Neck purse under construction ... it is finished now and I will be wearing it during the conference week... the Daffodil is Elizabethan style embroidery and there is of course tatting added for extra "pizzazz!" ... well I have lots to still do but must go now and get dinner ready or else the family will be "revolting" (tongue in cheek! haha) :-D

September 3, 2008

Last two Wild Women (for now ...)

Hi All - Well we are 3 days into Spring today .... the forecast said a top of 22°c but it was just over 26°c!!! a beeeewdiful day! Here are the pics of the other 2 Wild Women brooches that I made for the swap. The first the details are as for the first one in the previous post but the second one is hand needle felted wool fibres on Kunin embellished with tatting and chenille wool and beads and an ankle version of the leather boots!
I am madly working on 4 ATC's at the moment ... have to get them finished by the end of tomorrow as I want to take them down to Albany for the lace weekend ... they have a display table and the theme this year is "Nautical but nice!" well with all the lace I have made over the last 18 years I don't have anything really that suits that theme .... so I decided to make a few ATC's and then I can take them to Brisbane on the 21st when I go for the conference and we will be having a swap during the week..... I had some blue/green salt dyed silk (from a blouse which I bought at a charity shop) and I painted some little Yachts and a few tiny "v's" for birds in the "sky" and then for the waves I have tatted some fine thread "rings" so it is a frothy sea haha!
.... I will of course take some piccies and post them on here soon ....
After I finish them tomorrow I have to pack as I will be out the door at 6.40am on Friday ... the drive to Albany is 5 hours plus a 20 min morning tea/scone and jam! break (and loo too of course haha) so hopefully my friend and I will get down there around 1.15pm ... we usually drop our gear at the accommodation then head down to the main street where there is a cafe we rather like then after lunch we head up the main drag where there is a large craft shop and a few doors along a 2nd hand book shop!... fingers crossed for a bargain!! LOL
... There used to be a large quilt fabric shop but it has closed since we there last September :-( so I will be back on here early next week....