April 28, 2008

More ATC's

I went to the city today (as it was the last day of the Easter school holidays for Dear Son ) and I had a look at a new camera I am interested in .....I will now get myself organised and go and buy one sometime this week... However I did find these two pics of some ATC's I made the week before last ... the Lavender and Lace ones ... I cut up a cushion which I had embroidered 16 years ago and I made up some tatting to match ... the others are some painted linen fabric (which I did years ago and found in one of my "stuff" boxes!) and I cut and appliqued some of my "Fluff felt fabric" (left over bits!) in the shape of leaves and sewed on some hand made bobbin lace, oh and of course sequins and beads! hehe!

April 26, 2008

Camera on the fritz!

Hi All - went to take a pic of a weed in our garden - hubby discovered it down the side of the house ... has very pretty leaves so is probably extremely noxious! anyway my Olympus camera didn't want to play :-( didn't matter what I did but the button you depress to take the picture did nothing it pushes down and you can hear the camera trying to do something but nah! zilch!
It is 5 years old now and I have been thinking about getting a new one but then decided that this one worked perfectly well so why would I now it doesn't ... I will be going out this week to get one. I had an Olympus mju410 and am now looking at and Olympus mju840 (released in Australia in February - so quite up to date!). I was painting a bobbin order this morning and this afternoon I was working on my competition piece (for next year) whilst watching DVD's... I have the lettering to do on those bobbins tomorrow morning (after the ironing - yik!) and then I will take the piece of bobbin lace off the pillow which I completed today ...gotta let it rest for 24 hours- whilst the threads relax! LOL! :-D

April 22, 2008

"Kanthas style" ATC's

Hi - Hooray - Blogger let me load my pics tonight though it took 38 seconds each one rather than the usual 12-15 seconds! Anyway here are a couple of ATC's I made. Last Friday I went to the monthly West Aus Lace Guild Lace Day where we were having an ATC swap .... a few ladies participated ... one of which I hadn't swapped with before .... and I got 2 others from a couple of other friends who have been getting addicted to making them haha ! I have led them astray! I still have these two (they were the only ones just with embroidery - no lace on) along with quite a few others. I had a great weekend - Saturday I had my fortnightly Lacecargot Lace Group meeting and Sunday was my 23rd Wedding Anniversary and hubby gave me a pearl necklace (Pearls from Broome) ...I will try and get around to taking a pic of it later this week (along with some pics of my new ACT's, both the ones I made and newly swapped ones). Yesterday I didn't get much in the way of "fun stuff" done as I had bobbin orders to paint and today I spent 4 hours altering my sons friends Footy shirt (Aussie rules footy that is and the shirts need to be fairly well fitting so that the opposition can't grab handfuls of them) ... I had also altered my sons last Friday and on Saturday morning! Glad that's done phew!

April 21, 2008

Blogger problems

I tried to load pictures on last night and again tonight and blogger is not doing it so will try again tomorrow! hmmmm

April 15, 2008

New ATC's

Hi All
I had a busy end of last week preparing for the Wire Bobbin Lace Workshop over the weekend which went really well ... I had 9 diligent students who all progressed well. The weather was beautiful 28°c on Saturday and 30°c on Sunday though we were in doors working we we had the door open and we were able to sit outside amongst the Gum trees at lunchtime in the warm sun to the accompaniment
of the birds... I did manage to fit in (at the end of last week) the beginning of the ATC's in the pic.... and I finished them off this afternoon as they are for swapping at the Monthly Western Australian Lace Guild "Lace Day" on Friday. Th top two were made using some old fabric I was given a couple of weeks ago (grotty print but fairly textural) which I painted with Lumiére paints, added some "grass" long stitches and some little tatted "Flowers" and also beads and sequins. The next 2 are crazy patch with some more of my tatting - including the butterfly (love doing these ... they are so quick!).... then the bottom two are velvet with shiny butterflies (I bought a bag with lots of these in in 5 different colourways) and also with tatting and sequins. I am part way through making some more of these 3 series as there is to be a swap at the Australian Lace Guild Conference in Brisbane at the end of September.

April 8, 2008

"Mum's Cheeky Lace"

Hi All - I've been snoofying around in one of my cupboard's in my studio ... looking out my various Wire Lace pieces ready for this weekend when I am teaching a workshop here in Perth. Whilst looking I found this piece of Needle lace... It was made for the Australian Lace Guild Triennial Competition (in Adelaide) in 2003 - the Theme was "Framed" and I titled this piece "A room with a View" though my son named it "Mum's Cheeky Lace". The actual abstract piece of needle lace was worked in DMC 30 (has a lovely sheen on it in the pic!) and measures 10cms from the tip of the picot on the left to the tip of the picot on the right!
The first pic shows the lid closed ... the wall is painted Calico which was then lightly quilted with "bricks" then I worked "free Needle lace" . Woven Picots for the leaves and the tiny flowers were worked over a Couronne stick (Ring stick) and a little pearl bead added. I used this technique recently to do the Postcard which I sent to Susan Lenz's Cyber Fyber Exhibition
and the little ATC which is for the swap during the exhibition ... (there have been previous posts showing these 2 pieces). I love working this "free lace" and hope to do more once this teaching weekend is over ..... By the way it didn't win anything but apparently gave the Judges a giggle! :-)

April 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to me haha!

Hi All - Just a quick note to say hi ...yes it's my Birthday today and we all went to Fremantle for the day even though it was persisting with rain all morning! I have had a busy week in the studio preparing for the Wire Lace workshop which I am teaching next weekend ... and I have been sharing my computer with our young UK visitor in the evenings so I haven't been on here as much as usual. Off to have some Rosé bubbly ......and chocolate ... of course haha!