September 18, 2007

Lace Conference

Just a quick Hi ... I have been sooooooo busy getting ready for the beginning of the week long Australian Lace Guild Conference ... it starts this Sunday but I am heading down on Saturday - a day early- so I can go and snoofy around the shops in Freo ... I have a lace guest - Shell from Tasmania - arriving tomorrow and she is staying for 3 nights then we drive on down together. I still have a few "teachy" things to get organised the next couple of days but I am "skiving" on Friday and driving Shell to the Swan Valley - - those of you reading this overseas - that is our local "wine region" and there is of course the lovely "Margaret River Chocolate factory yep not sure who will be leading whom astray LOL hahaha! :D
I will be sure to take pics and give you all the goss from next week .... including the ATC swap which they have asked me to co-host on Monday arvo (Aussie slang for afternoon) - I have 27 ATC's to swap ... probably going to have quite a few left over so will swap any left on here....
Back soon ...:D

September 12, 2007

Blog troubles :(

I had a great weekend down in Albany ...I have some pics but haven't been home to load them on the computer! I have been trying to put the NeoCounter back on this page tonight but it won't let me :( I am soooooo fed up with trying to sort it out in the template ...the silly codes are all so much jargon ..... sheesh! How do all the other bloggers out there manage to have lots of ring links on their pages when I can't even get the one Embellisher one I had before we updated this B****** page! bah humbug!
Grrrrrrrrrrrr >:( It has been wet and wild here today ... and it's s'posed to be "showery" all week.... wonder where Spring went hmmmmmmmmmm haha LOL!

September 6, 2007

Back soon

Hi All
Just a quick note to say I am off very early in the morning tomorrow for my Lace weekend in Albany - the actual workshop is Saturday and Sunday but for those of you who don't know ... it is a 5 hour drive (includes a 15 min bathroom break!) so by leaving early we get there around 1pm and can go to the Patchwork Warehouse and the Craft shop yay! I will be driving back Monday in time to collect son from High School.... so catch you next week ... have a great (crafty) weekend and take care :D yep the wine and choc are packed ... gotta get the priorities right hahaha! :-)))))))))))))

September 1, 2007

More Lacey ATC's and Needlecases

Hi - Here is the other pic of some of my needlecase collection .... the pic shows some of my Wooden, Silver, Cow horn and beaded cases .... The bean pod one is special as a lace friend's Hubby made it.... following a traditional antique design.
Also here is a pic of 8 more Lacey ATC's though I have decided to keep the one at bottom left ... yep it's on some "yellow Duster" from Pat ( )
-sorry still haven't learnt how to do that link thingie and don't have time this month to sit and play ... hope to find time after the teaching at the Aus Lace Guild AGM which is only 3 weeks away tonight!!!! Going back to that ATC there is just something about the pic and the way it came out I am gonna have to keep it! haha! I have another 10 ATC's in "mid make" ..... not sure if I will get them done in time for the conference but I have a few other things to get done which have priority so I will have to see how time goes...... Dear daughter flew back in today via Malaysia from her UK 5 week trip but her suitcase isn't due to land another 4 hours and coming via Singapore!!!! and will apparently be delivered by 9 am tomorrow .... so have to wait for any likkle pressies (if I have one!) I know she has something for her Dad and brother!
It's Father's Day here in Australia tomorrow and I have just realised I have done nothing about wrapping the pressies from the teeanage kids ...shame they haven't learnt to do it themselves hmmmmmmmmmmmm! ....