August 12, 2013

Cordonnicot Needle Lace

There is information about my "Cordonnicot Needle Lace" in various posts in this blog, here, here, and here - but you can also read about it here:  just go to the home page and click on the tab Titles "Cordonnicot Needle Lace" :)

5oth Birthday Card

3D 50th Birthday card

Here are some pictures of the 50th Birthday Card I made for my best buddy - I had thought I had taken a photo of it in it's closed position - but I can't seem to find the photo at the moment...hmmm. I have neglected this blog a bit recently - I have been busy working on lace for future workshops ....all stuff that is "Secret Squirrel"..... I can now reveal that it is confirmed that I am teaching at this year's Australian Lace Guild AGM week Sept 29th - Oct 5th - and I am thrilled and really looking forward to it - I am currently busy with the students notes and alongside all this I have been madly painting bobbins for my stall at the OIDFA International Lace Congress here in Adelaide, Australia in July next year..... as well as the usual everyday orders and my new Price List stock which I need for my stall in 6 weeks time in Sydney and for here in Western Australia for the annual Cattern's Day Lace Fair at the end of November ...busy busy busy! :)

I have also been setting up a second blog - using Wordpress as it allows me to have title tabs :) I have just spent the morning getting the hang of it! 

August 2, 2013

Tatting on a Needle case

Hi All- Yes - I am still here - Blogwise - I have been doing mostly lurking as the things I have been working on this year have been "Secret squirrel" stuff ... either things that I am teaching at an upcoming Lace conference or for exhibition/display ... so all hush hush - which means of course that I don't have much time to blog or even load pics on the computer or the pics that I have taken can't be put on here (yet).... however - here are a couple of pics of a Needle case I made for one of my Gals' Birthdays earlier in the year (Carol Lee),  she attends my embroidery group :) it is rather cute and I wish I had made myself one - especially as I collect needle cases - oh well - something to do in the future :)
Silvery grey panne velvet for the background :)