May 31, 2011

Egyptian Journal - Ra Pages

Hi All - Here are the pics of the "Ra" pages in my Egyptian Journal - the blank book had this circular pop up in it - more pics of pages in previous posts -do scroll down if you haven't seen them yet :-)

May 27, 2011

Egyptian Journal - God's pages

Hi All -Here are some more pics of my Egyptian Journal ... these show the stages of the "God's pages - Lumiere paint borders.... glued on painted card pieces..... fabric and "ribbon" pyramids and pictures ... then the Hieroglyphs and writing ... :-) (scroll down a few entries to March 15th to see the Nefertiti pages)

May 25, 2011

Wire Lace pendant and Donut necklace

Hi All - here's a pic of me looking somewhat wind blown and cold in Auckland New Zealand a few weeks ago in Mid April - the next pic shows my "Donut" pendant (the instructions/pattern were in the UK "Stitch" Magazine a few months ago) and as there were a couple of "foam" rings "kicking" about near my computer (from the centre of a CD stack!!!) I used that as my "base" - it was covered with a thin torn strip of calico then a torn strip of red cotton material- beads were threaded onto wire and wrapped around too then I made a bead "chain" on which to hang it! and of course earrings to match :-) as you can see in the 3rd pic - the last pic is one of my designs (actually an earring) made up into a pendant and it now resides in Auckland at my friend Lynnette's house (Hi Lynnette :-D!!) - a little gift for her for "putting up with me " LOL! :-D more pics to come nut with my UK trip looming in less than 4 weeks not sure how much time I will have to pop blog entries on here - no peace for the wicked bwahahahahahaa :-)

May 17, 2011

Hi All

I am still here - haven't fallen of my perch! LOL! just been working all hours of the day the last couple of weeks on my workshop pieces for Tasmania (in October) as they have to be photographed and the pics sent off ASAP for their June newsletter ..... :-) No peace for the wicked Bwah hahahahaha!

May 6, 2011

I am home again

Hi All
I got back from New Zealand a week ago Wednesday - I had a fabulous time and took lots of photo's but this week I have been soooo busy in the studio and out and about at various meetings I haven't had time to load them etc - I don't have time now as DH has gone to collect Pizza's so - nearly dinner time ... Hope to get organised soon though... so stay tuned :-)