July 22, 2010

Home again - Pics of Japan

Hi All
- Well here are the first pics from the Japan trip - we arrived at the hotel at 10 am on Sat July 2 but couldn't get into our rooms until after lunch - so we found a local cafe - and had a rather gorgeous "Corn soup" - it was icy cold! and the roll to go with it was a sweet one! still yummy as we were starved! - Other 2 pics are taken from my hotel room in Kobe (on Rokko Island) it was a dreary day - piddling with rain and only discovered the mountains when the weather cleared a bit the next day! LOL! comes of attending a congress during their rainy season!More to come.....

July 16, 2010

Handicrafts in Japan

Hi All- Now on the last couple of days here in Japan - the main part of the organised tour now over and we are this arvo doing our "Own" thing - actually I am going with some mates to revisit the 7 floor Handicrafts place which we went to on the tour yesterday cos we didn't get enough time to have a proper look - we will then be staying out and about to see the floats parked in side streets which are getting ready for the Gion festival parade which is tomorrow morning and for which we all have reserved seats - hope the rain stays away- (Wednesday it piddled down!) hot and humid here- my 105 yen (Aus$1.30 UK 70p!) brolly has been so useful! LOL :-)

July 5, 2010

Greetings from Japan

Hi All- A quick massage from Japan - very humid here but great to be in warm weather after the cold in Perth. Today was the first day of the Kumihimo workshop- we were working on takudai frames rather than the more familiar Marudai....all very frenetic and the language barrier wasn't too bad! LOL! day 2 tomorrow... hope my back lasts the next 2 1/2 days - hotel room has nice big bath to soak the weary bones in though haha! hope to get pics happning soon...

July 1, 2010

Friends going to Japan with me!

Hi All - just doing a quick experiment with my new HP Mini- gave up a couple of weeks ago on my 2 year old Asus eeepc as it only had 4 gigs and every time Windows updated it was filledup grrrr! So as I have this new toy I have just (with help from my Son) worked out how to load pics on here ready for my Japan trip which I leave for in 22 hours time way hey! Here is a pic of some little friends which I am about to gift wrap - as they are going with me....in case you don't recognise any of them clockwise from top left they are: A koala, a Kookaburra, a Platypus, a Kangaroo, a Wombat and an Echidna!