May 5, 2013

Lace Heart and Cross

Modern Greek Lace Heart

Modern Spanish Lace Cross
Hi All - Here are a couple of pics - one of a Modern Greek Bobbin Lace heart and one of a Modern Spanish Lace Cross - from the workshop that I did with my mate Ethel Zuccolotto in Sydney last October - the thread is some beautiful hand dyed variegated silk which I bought when I was at the OIDFA congress in Japan in 2010 and I had been keeping it for a special project :) I have sewn them to fabric and will probably make a couple of Kumihimo braids and turn them into jewellery :)
Tomorrow early I am  picking up my mate and driving down South for a 6 day trip to Albany - the Lace Group down there are having their Annual Lace "weekend" (actually on Thursday and Friday) and the other 3 days we are exploring... gonna be great :)

May 4, 2013

Flag Counter changed

Rotten Neoworx have taken away my Flag counter ... after a trial period - which was at least 4 years!!! now they want to charge for it !!! so now I have a free different one only thing is my 22,000 visitors (approx) aren't on record as it starts all over again neither are my visitors from 127 countries ... :p  Giant Raspberry to them !!! Mongrels!