October 30, 2009

Yes - More Wild Women Brooches

Hi All
Here are a couple more Wild Women - The first is one that I have kept myself - she is made with hand needle felted wool, textured knitting wools, Painted hot glue motif, beads, Green metallic thread tatted hair and one of my painted faces ... yes I made about 20 faces and I only have one left LOL! The second pic is a little lady that has gone to live with my friend Margaret whom I sit next to on Wednesdays at Wanneroo Lace Group ... she put up with me making lots of Wild Women earlier this year (quite a few of them were for gifts on my recent trip to the UK) so I felt it only right to give her one of her own! LOL! :-) Margaret's is made of painted fleecy (the fluffy inside! of the fabric) Goat mohair for hair.... beads and tatted flowers.... her shoes and handbag I discovered in a scrap booking section in a local shop...
I have been making some more Wild Women today - different to these - this time I have done the faces on small wooden heart blanks ..... stay tuned for pics ......

October 21, 2009

More Wild Women brooches

Hi - I still haven't found the time to load all my holiday pics onto this comuter - but here are a couple of photo's I loaded on before I went away but didn't post (explanation below ...read on...). The first 2 were given to me for my Birthday by my friend Colleen - she was only supposed to make 1 but she made the one on the left first using some of her hand made Bedfordshire bobbin lace and she wasn't happy with it so she crocheted the fluffy one on the right and she gave them both to me ... I think they are both fabulous and have worn them several times! The 3 in the other pic were made by me ... but they haven't been posted until now as they were gifts - the one on the left with blue shoes was for my friend Judy's Birthday back in June, the one in the middle was for my Blog friend Pat when I met her for the first time in London at the end of July and the pink one was for my friend Maureen whose Birthday was in early August. (In case you don't remember our project at my Stitchety Grubs Embroidery Group this year was to make each other a wild woman brooch for our Birthday's LOL :-) - there are a couple more pics of yet more Wild Women - some of whom were given as gifts whilst in the UK - I will pop them on the next post.

October 11, 2009

Hello and new Lacey ATC's

Hi All
I still haven't had a chance to load my holiday(s) pics on this computer - been busy with the family - our son had shocking Tonsilitis last week and is on antibiotics - his sister has had it bad over the years but this is the first time that he has had it and it had to be the week of his pre TEE exams -ie these exams are a small percentage towards his main ones which are in 3 weeks time so I guess better now than then! ... I am looking forward to him leaving school completely around November 16th ... it will be stange no longer having kids at school and not having to do the "school run" mornings and afternoons anymore ... after 17 years !!!!... it means I should get a whole hour more in the studio each day!!!! as it takes 30 minutes round trip to the high school! Yippee!! I received 7 new ATC's whilst I was away in teh YK but I haven't had time to actually photograph them yet however here are a couple I did recieve and do a pic of just befor I left at the end of July.... The top one is done by Elsa a lacemaking friend here in Perth and the bottom one by my friend Mary also a lacemaking friend here in Perth! Elsa's is bobbin lace and Mary has made hers all in needlelace! I love them - just gorgeous hehe!

October 2, 2009

Yes I am back and I won an award

Hi All
Yes Pene I am back ... but only just ...after the 6 weeks in UK I had 3 days home then 4 days in the South of West Aus - in Albany for their annual Lace weekend then home for 3 days then I was in Brisbane for the Annual Australian Lace Guild AGM week and returned this past Sunday ... I haven't had much chance to blog yet as I had my monthly machine Embroidery workshop day today and of course the last 3 days I have been doing the workshop work from the 2 days that I missed when I was away .... Next week I start back in the studio painting bobbins and running my son to school for a week of exams (though the school is on holiday the year 12's have to do the exams) His main exams though are from Nov2-18 ... poor kid!
Yesterday morning I was madly emailing my travel agent to book my flights for the OIDFA Lace conference i nJapan in July next year (2- 18th are the dates I will be away). (OIDFA = Interenational Organisation of bobbin and Needle lacers).

Whilst in Brisbane last week I was also asked about teaching wire bobbin lace in Tasmania in mid May next year ... so that is (lightly) pencilled in my new lace diary! exciting stuff!

A week ago Saturday my duaghter moved out of home in into a unit and seems to be getting on well ... bless ... never cooked or cleaned much at home but she's learning fast LOL! Haha!

yay! go me!I haven't had a chance to load all my luvly pics on here yet but I have to have a brag and say that the Triennial Lace Competition was last week when I was in Brisbane and I won (second time in a row) the "Mixed Lace" category (you may remeber the G- String "The Sea" theme from last time) this time the Theme was The Rainforest and I made a top (very brief one!) hahaha :-) The prize was a beautiful little wooden bowl made by a woodturning fellow in Brisbane from 4 different woods ... just wonderful and on display on one of our cupboards in the family room! Smells great too as one of the woods is "Camphor Laurel".