April 18, 2013

Completed Lace piece and up date

Finished Triennial Lace, Prize and certificate
Me wearing my scarab Jewellery for my best mates 50th Birthday last month

Yes, Folks- I am still alive - it's been a couple of verrrrry busy months since I blogged last - I have been busy in my studio... preparing for a workshop that I am teaching later in the year - pieces have to be designed, made, finished, photographed etc etc.... and I have now also started painting bobbins for this year's stock now that the weather has finally cooled down here in Western Australia ... we are having the hottest April on record so far - but this week is thankfully cooler - 24-28 °c rather than the first 2 weeks when it was in early to mid 30's! I am also plodding away on a piece which will be for our country display next year in July for the "OIDFA" (International Bobbin and Needle lace Organisation) congress in Adelaide, South Australia - the first time it has ever been to Australasia woot! woot! ...can't tell you what it is exactly as it is "Secret Squirrel" LOL
  However I am taking pics and will post them on here in August next year! :D 

I have booked my flights for the Australian Lace Guild national conference week in September - as per the last 2 years I am once again going the week before... the last 2 years I have stayed the first week with a lace friend and her hubby - I am still staying with them this year but the first 4 days I am staying in an hotel in the centre of Sydney before going to my friends house for the 2nd half of that week - the 2nd week we will both be at the lace conference - I am on "the menu" this year to teach bobbin lace - but won't know until early August if there will be enough students - if my class doesn't go ahead - I will do the "Social Group" for the week and take something new and exciting to do :) My friend is also down to be teaching but we wait with baited breath to see if we will be working or playing :)