November 3, 2014

My Uthando Doll

My Uthando doll wearing a "Little blue wrap around dress" accessorised with a silver "ribbon" belt with yellow daisy buckle and a "fruit" print bag with daffodil feature :)
Little pink tie ribbon dress with feature daffodil
"Cupcake" print dress with white feature daisy
If you don't know what the Uthando project is ... you can read about it here
I didn't use much of the material for clothes provided in the $5 kit as it needed hemming ... but made my doll's clothes from "cut" up socks - even the fruit and cupcake dresses/skirts were socks!! 
My apologies to everyone for being a naughty Blogger this year - it's been a very busy year and I also don't take my camera out and about with me much as back in May I got a new Samsung S4 mobile phone and take all my pics with that - I have only just found the time to sit at my main computer and work out how to get the photo's from the phone to go on here! being a little bit computer illiterate as I am ! :) Now I know how to do it - I will be able to blog more regularly.... yay!
Back to the Uthando Doll - my friend Maureen saw a lady selling the kits at a craft show here in August last year and mentioned it to us at my Stitchety Grubs Embroidery group ... would we like to do one??? ... she bought the kits at the fair this past August and 4 of us are making them ... I will see if I can get a pic of them all before they are sent off.. there is no deadline other than we decided to do ours by Christmas... I finished mine yesterday... I hope whatever little girl ends up with her that she has many hours of enjoyment from her :)

March 16, 2014

Needle Lace and Textile Slave Bracelet

Couched outline thread, Wire and bead Needle Lace head

Embellished and cut out

With the book with the inspirational picture

How it looks on

First of all - I haven't fallen off the edge of the Earth! - just been really busy through the Summer months here in Australia working on the workshop I will be teaching at the OIDFA (International Organisation of Bobbin and Needle Lace) congress in Adelaide in July - I will also be having a stall there selling my Hand Painted Bobbins - so I have been busy painting many, many bobbins! I have also been working busily on a Bedfordshire Lace Hankie which is time consuming... Anyhooooo....
Here are pics of the Slave Bracelet I made last year- The inspiration came from an old book on Jewellery that I found at an Op Shop (Charity Shop). The original piece was made for a production of Cleopatra. I have also made a matching pendant and earrings but hadn't realised I hadn't got photo's of them - must take some next time I wear it ... the pendant is a repeat of the round "head" part and the earrings "echo" the wiggly tail! LOL :)