December 22, 2010

Needle Lace Christmas Trees

Hi All - Here are a couple of pics of the 4 Needle Lace Christmas Tree cards/decorations which I made to swap - I am in an online Lace Group here in Australia and I received 4 cards from 4 other friends - I haven't taken photo's of them yet but will do over next few days as the camera will be out for Xmas shots! - My decorations are made in "free" needle lace (with beads for baubles) onto hand dyed fabric then mounted onto "bangle" bracelets and a sequin star added to the top and another sequin/bead on the "pot". ALSO I am once again participating in the One World One Heart at the end of January - where you can visit Crafty People's blogs and pop your name down to be in with a chance to win various fabulous goodies made by the blog artist whose page you visit ... This will be the 5th and Final one - I didn't know about it the first 2 years but have participated early last year in the 3rd one and in the 4th one earlier this year - I won 1 prize last year and was the lucky recipient of 4 things this year which I treasure - so do pop back on January 30th to see what I have on offer (as it's teh 5th and final one I have 5 goodies all ready for it!!!) and if you want more info about the OWOH click on the big One World One Heart logo on the left of this blog screen - under my Stitchety Grub header! It's a lot of fun! PS..... I have just spent 5 mins trying to get the first 15 words of this entry to join up with the rest of the copy - but no Blogger won't let me LOL!

December 16, 2010

Finished Sea Urchin Vessel

Here are the final pics of the Sea Urchin Vessel - the first photo shows the six panels completed and ready for putting together - the next photo shows the lid and the bottom of the finished vessel - then a couple of shots from different sides of the finished vessel with it's lid in place :-) I am very pleased with it and as it's been made in the colour scheme of our lain living area it is displayed on my side board (Buffet).

December 7, 2010

More Sea Urchin Vessel

Hi All - here are the next 3 pics of the Sea Urchin Vessel - the little blue " ball's" are made by rolling up a tiny amount of coloured wool top and popping it into a small square of, in this case, dark blue chiffon then stitched into place... (I also used a tiny painted polystyrene bead in the chiffon) you can see one of the wool ones in the first picture, right panel above the orange velvet flower, there are also a couple of tatted gold rings incorporated and of course various fluffy textured knitting wools... more next time...

December 3, 2010

Sea Urchin Vessel

Here are the first 3 pics of the Sea Urchin Vessel as promised - I did 3 panels out of the first piece of material alternating with 3 panels out of the second material... these were from some of the pieces of material which I dyed last year on the Machine Embroidery course... the last photo shows the first 2 panels with their "embellished" bits on! ready for the construction stage. More to follow :-)