July 23, 2007

Old ! Embroideries

Here are a couple of embroideries which I did about 15 years ago! I found them again recently when tidying the studio!! I didn't get a chance yesterday to take pics with the camera as I had hoped... but spent the whole day working - painting bobbin orders ...and again today ... feels a bit like swimming in custard! sigh! :-D

So hence the two pics which I took a few weeks ago!

July 21, 2007


I am hoping to take some photo's tomorrow and load them on Monday as the kids have used up all our "fast time" and the computer is on a "go slow" and it's driving me nuts!
So "hold that thought" and come back for a visit in a couple of days :-D

July 14, 2007

Altar Cloth 3

This is the Altar cloth at St Nicholas's Church, Ashmore in Dorset. I took this last year too on the UK trip but it is also the church where I got married just over 22 years ago and yep this cloth was on the altar then too LOL! :-D

July 13, 2007

Bumble bee

This pic was taken by me last year on my UK trip in a beautiful Garden called "Larmer Tree" near the village in which I grew up in Dorset. It was a fabulous day weatherwise and hardly anyone else there ... I took this pic cos my Australian friend who was travelling with me had never seen a Bumble Bee before as we don't have them here in Aus!! I had forgotten all about this pic until I was reminiscing through some of the pics and found it....

Blog header

A quick question ... do any of you fellow bloggers know how I can personalise my header? any tips gratefully received :-D

July 11, 2007

Encrusted Beaded Zip Necklace

I have just been snoofying around in this computer and found a pic of me wearing my Encrusted Beaded "Zip" necklace - 'cos it's made using glass beads it is quite heavy - so I made a second one in creams/browns and golds which is in plastic beads. I love how plastic beads are made so much better nowadays ... a lot of them don't even look like they are plastic!
The idea wasn't mine ... a lace friend came to visit from the Aussie Eastern States and a friend had given her one as a pressy ... I wasn't the only one who just had to have one - there were about 7 of us at my lace group who all made one and we all wore them on this day to our Xmas celebration!

July 10, 2007

Alter Cloth 2

Here is the 2nd Alter cloth pic which I took last year in UK. This one is in the Salisbury Cathedral ... absolutely stunning in real life ... the colours are much better than this pic... it doesn't do it justice.
I pulled the muscle in the right side of my neck this morning :-(
(I usually manage to do it about once every 12-18 months!). The time before last I was towelling my hair dry and this time putting a jumper on and "twang" it went ...darn thing!... I have been trying to ignore it all day ...this morning as I was painting a bobbin order and this afternoon as I was mounting a piece of Bedfordshire lace I had made using 4 sided stitch .... thank goodness for head magnifiers!!! as the cotton fabric I am using is very fine! but as the lace itself is fine it had to be .... sigh!

July 3, 2007

Pantoran's Feather Stitch

This Month's stitch for the Pantoran I am making is "Feather Stitch" and I was very organised this time and actually did the square the afternoon that we chose the stitch (the first 4 stitches I did in the first week of each of the 4 weeks we had alotted but the 5th square I lost the plot and didn't do it until the day before show and tell oops! hee hee!...) This time I am way ahead of time yay! It is the elephant ... if you look at his cloth on his back and the one on his head you can see the Feather Stitch and also a little line of it on the ground! I am really pleased with how he turned out ...he's soooo cute haha! :-D There is a closer shot of him too - though you can of course click on the pic for an enlargement.