December 31, 2011

Crafty stuff from this year part 4

Hi All - Well here is my final blog entry for 2011 - a New Year is right around the corner - (13 hours and 10 minutes time LOL) so here are a few more pics of Crafty things from this year - Firstly 5 of the Christmas ATC's I made - 4 were attached to cards and swapped with the Australian online Lace Group that I belong to. Then a pic of teh 2 "Russian" doll needle cases I made as Christmas gifts- The purple/blu one has gone to live at my friend Ros's house here in Perth but the greeny/salmon one is more of a traveller and she has gone to reside in the UK with my friend Pat.
The next pic shows the Christmas decorations that my Stitchety Grubs Embroidery group made and exchanged - clockwise from top left is red and gold bird made by April and now owned by Carol-Lee, Huckaback Embroidered "diamond" decoration made by Ros and now owned by me! :D, Hand made Bedfordhire bobbin lace Angel made by Colleen and now owned by Ros, Cross stitched Koala by Carol-Lee now owned by April, Cross stitched heart made by Maureen and now owned by Colleen and finally in the centre - a Christmas tree made by me and now owned by Maureen.
The final photo is of my Aquatone crayon/pencils which I bought in Derwent at the pencil factory in the middle of this year when Hubby and I were in Cumbria (I also bought Inktense blocks as well as various other pencils :D) but these - I took on my Sydney/Tasmania trip - I LOVE them! - so yummy to use! mm mm :D

December 24, 2011

Crafty stuff from this year part 3

The 18th Birthday card I made for my son's Girlfriend - the dog is painted onto water colour paper - a piece of cardboard was covered with glitter Lycra material then all glued to a base card (they have a Dachshund who has just had 2 puppies -awwww too cute!).....and the "Wild Woman" brooch I made for the ATASDA (Australian Textile Art and Surface Design Association) Christmas swap... yes it is the same material as the Christmas Tree decoration earlier - as I hadn't gotten around to putting it away when I had to start the brooch LOL! :D

December 22, 2011

Crafty stuff from this year part 2

2 necklaces that I made early in the year for my travels (nice and lightweight in the luggage!) The first is a beaded zip necklace in the black, red, white, gold and silver theme - this is the 4th one I have made over the years - and at my embroidery group this year we decided to have a go at "Goldwork" and as I usually bite of more than I can chew - I wised up this time and designed a smaller piece than I would normally have done LOL! :D - as the theme for the AGM in New Zealand in April (at which I was a tutor) was "Butterflies" I decided to make a pendant that could go on a Kumihimo cord - I have worn it many times and had lots of comments on it.

December 20, 2011

Crafty stuff from this year part 1

Hi All - For last few days of the year I am going to post some of the pics from this year that I hadn't gotten around to putting on here yet... back in May I made the 2 "scrappy flower" brooches for my daughter to give the young lass next door to us - she had admired some others earlier in the year in my studio and the purple brooch can be pinned onto the Kumihimo braid that I made - it was a gift to my mate for her Birthday back in April :D

There is also a pic here of a wooden Needle case which I was commissioned to paint for a UK lace tutor who was out here doing workshops back in September ... it has our (Western Australian) State Floral emblem on it - the "Mangles' Kangaroo Paw" :)

December 16, 2011

Christmas Tree decoration

Hi All - Here is a pic of the little Christmas tree decoration that I made a couple of weeks ago - I couldn't put the pic up until today as it was for my Embroidery Group Christmas exchange. It has gone to live at my friend Maureen's house :-)
It's made of glitter Lycra (a friend gave me lots of offcuts from another friend who makes dance costumes) and I embellished it with Tatted "flower" rings a little bit of chain stitch "tinsel" and sequins :D

December 12, 2011

Xmas decorations for 2011

Hi All - I have been busy in the studio making little Xmas decorations - every year I make one each for my 2 kids and me and son's girlfriend and whilst I was at it - I made a few extra. I hand felted some wool tops to some orange felt and then decorated them with beads and sequins and added a "dangly" at the bottom and hanging loop at the top. They look fab on the tree which is covered in the various hand made decorations I have made over the year's as well as some beautiful hand made ones from friends. I will try and take some pics and post them of the tree all dressed! :-)

December 4, 2011

Tissue paper fabric

Hi All- Sorry for the lack of posts - November was yet again a busy month - culminating in our West Aussie Cattern's Day Fair last Saturday so it was a month filled with bobbin painting! Then last week I had a few orders as a result of the Fair and also emailed orders and then 2 Xmas Lunches - so busy busy busy! :-)
I have just put up my Christmas tree - and 90% of the decorations on it are handmade - mainly by me over the years but some by other crafty/lacey friends - and it took me twice as long as I stopped to reminisce ( my Son's Girlfriend helped so I was telling her the little stories behind them hehe!)
The pics here were done a while ago - some machine embroidery on Tissue paper Fabric - haven't actually gone any further and made anything out of it yet - maybe in the New Year. I don't have quite so many travels planned over the next 12 months as I have had the last 24 months - which is good as I hope to get other things done now in the studio! :-)