May 30, 2012

End of Autumn and finished Scarab Jewellery

Hi All - It's the end of Autumn here in Western Australia- the first day of Winter is this Friday! which means more hours indoors doing crafty stuff - yay! including Lace making - by the way for those Lacey friends of mine reading this - there is the chance to win a Pair of Spangled bobbins or a decorated tatting shuttle over at wickedtats so do pop over and have a look. 
I received my free copy of a rather gorgeous Lace book -full of "Lappets". OIDFA (International Organisation of Bobbin and Needle Laces) turn 30 this year and to celebrate they have sent everyone who is a member in 2012 a copy - which is a rather wonderful surprise! Today at Lace Group we finished early and all went for a cuppa and cake at a local cafe at lunchtime then 3 of us went to a nearby Library where there was an art show on -some really fabulous paintings/artworks there - my 2 mates and I spent a lovely hour looking at all the pieces .... so it's been a good arty day today hehe.
Scarab rocks necklace - with background masked out and sequins placed

Finished Scarab necklace, earrings and 2 matching cuffs :D

May 24, 2012

Tassie Rocks Egyptian Jewellery set

Using the Angelina Fibre version of the "Rocks" photo- I started Machine embroidering a "Scarab".
Another view

I was trying to load 3 pics on here - but this new format for Blogger was giving me grief so only 2 today - It wouldn't do it in the order I wanted and when I tried doing it the opposite way around - it still didn't do what I wanted ...*sigh!*