January 12, 2012

Fabric painting and stamping

Hi All - a few more pics - these 3 are from the Sherrill Kahn workshop which I attended through ATASDA last year at the end of August - the first was a burgundy piece of material which I stamped (lumiere paints) with some of Sherrill's stamps, sequin waste used as a stencil - metallic oil pastilles - I also used a battery toothbrush to do the frondy "whispy" bits! the next pic shows some pre salt dyed silk stamped with Lumiere paints using the stamp in the 3rd pic which I made using a polystyrene "meat tray" and an old biro! (it was ok but not overly clear so I might try and do it on some fabric that's not so busy!)

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Hi All - Happy New Year - here we go again - I hope that this year is an exceptionally good and "crafty" one :D

This pic is one I took whilst in the Lake District last year - couldn't resist taking a photo of the sign LOL! what a hoot! The sheep was a bonus :D