March 15, 2007

Lacey Days

Just a quick note to say that I am off tomorrow for just over 2 weeks on my Needlelace Teaching trip on the other side of Aus... I'm back just before Easter! (My fave choc season haha!) will be sure to take some pics to post here on my return :-D
Bye for now.....

March 11, 2007

Dodgy disc!

Hi, no posts for a few days as I have had a dodgy disc in my back so haven't been up to too much... I did go to Lace group yesterday but took my Kanthas embroidery quilt as I was not going to be able to bend over a lace pillow. I have been gradually packing my suitcase ready for the teaching trip on Friday ...still a few things to "round up" though :-D
I took my goodies to show the others which I exchanged with a new friend in USA - she wanted some of my Cattern's Day painted bobbins so I got yummy threads, beads, Angelina fibres and a little kit for foiling on fabric... I will post pics on here when I get a chance in a few weeks time to do something with them at the moment I only have time to look and fondle them haha!
I had a friend ring me today in regards to the Wire workshop ... my first definite student letting me know how many pairs of wire bobbins she has .... Yay!!! I will have to get into the rest of the preparations for that in April as soon as the needlelace teaching trip is over and Easter too (My fave choccie time of the year!)

March 7, 2007

A Sense of place "Quilt"

Ah ha!!! Blogger has let me add another pic .... this shows the Plants at the bottom of the wall hanging ... they were made by distressing (burning over the gas stove!!!) and using a pyrography iron. Also "tubes" which had florist wire up the centre so that they can be manipulated and "tweaked" especially as it was travelling backwards and forwards to the UK ...yep it was one of the assessment pieces for that City & Guilds I did.... :-D
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No pics :-(

It seems blogger won't let me add any piccies now ... poop! will try again later

Waterfall Quilt

Well ..I went to quilting group yesterday and had a great time ... got quite a bit done on my Kanthas Quilt and enjoyed the company of my friends. We were in the nice cool air con which was good as it was 42°c outside as it is again today and is also supposed to be tomorrow !!! Here is a pic of my 3D wall hanging (we had to do something for the title of "A sense of Place!")which features several techniques... under the 148 leaves!!! there is very dark green velvet which on one side was "plaited" and on the other smocked to give dimension!... the back ground behind the waterfall was tiny appliqu├ęd pieces and the water in the "pool" is interwoven strips of fabric... as there had to be a building there is a ittle "tree house"! in hand dyed fabric sandwiched to craft felt for diimension.... the whole wall hanging is on hand painted Hessian. ok bloggere doesn't seem to want me to add another pic to this entry so I will do another......

March 5, 2007

Bank Holiday craftiness!

Hi .... I been busy the last few days ... alternately working on my "Kanthas Quilt" ....and on a knitted scarf I can't do too much knitting at a time 'coz of Arthur Itis in my fingers ...I have been knitting 2-3 rows then putting it down ...carrying on with the Kanthas then doing another few rows! The scarf I am knitting is with some wool I got last week in Spotlight ...clearing out at $2 a ball instead of $4 called "Moda Dea - Wild" the colour... "funky" is sooooooooo soft and is knitting up great!
As there was such a load of rubbish on daytime TV (It's a bank holiday here in West Aus today) I spent the day watching "Four weddings and a Funeral" on DVD and also "Pride and Prejudice" - the BBC TV series not the recent movie) ( for the umpteenth time haha!)....I'm off to quilt group tomorrow ... carrying on with the Kanthas ...

March 2, 2007

Tree of Life Quilt

Here are a couple of shots of my "Tree of Life" quilt which I did during my City & Guilds... it took 98 hours ... it was one of the assessment pieces which you have to work as if a commission - so time had to be logged as well as costs etc.... the quilting stitches were done with a variety of my hand dyed threads ..... I was breaking out of the zone on this one as I never work in orange colours.... The background was "blow painted!" that was fun though I ended up with an headache from the lack of oxygen haha! The silhouette's of the trees were done by tearing a sheet of paper ... as a stencil then the ol' blow painting again...