March 28, 2010

More Cordonnicot Needle Lace Fish

Hi All - here are the next 3 pics of the Cordonnicot Needle Lace Fish - The first pic shows he can now swim as he has fins LOL! then in the next pic - the beginning of the "Cordonnette" with single beaded loops and in the 3rd pic - the first 2 "Cordonnette's" complete - last few pics will be in the next blog entry :-)

March 21, 2010

Cordonnicot Needle Lace Fish

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Hi - A few weeks ago I made a Cordonnicot needle lace fish which is to be part of the Aussie display at the OIDFA Lace Congress which I am going to in Japan in July - first pic shows him on my lace pillow - working on his head! - 2nd pic - head complete - onto tail ... more pics in next post! LOL! :-)

March 18, 2010

Last stages of the Inchie Scissor Keepers

Here are the last few pics of the Inchie scissor keepers - They are all now patiently waiting in a box in the studio for their trip with me to Japan in July - I decided to make these as my little gift as they are nice and lightweight - I think I am s'posed to wrap them though so I will have to dig out some tissue paper nearer the time ..hmmmm :-) .... busy at he moment preparing more Wire Bobbin Lace Jewellery kits for the Teaching trip to Tasmania/Melbourne in May - today - more winding wire off the bigger spools onto little ones - exciting stuff hehe! still I do get to watch documentaries etc that I have recorded on my dvd :-)

March 12, 2010

Inchie Scissor Keepers

Hi All - I have been hiding in my studio from the heat! It is supposed to be Autumn here but last night was the second hottest temp on record - 28.1°c and today's high was 41°c! I am OVER it!
Here are a few pics of the early stages of some inchie scissor keepers that I have made for little gifts for my trip to the OIDFA World Lace Congress in Japan in July ... more pics to follow ... Hubby and I booked our return flights from Queensland for September today - we had already booked the "going to" flights by cashing in our Qantas Frequent Flyer points a few weeks ago! Saved nearly AU$900!!! yay - that will go towards the car hire hehe!

We are flying into Brisbane then going by car and "bunny hopping" up to Cairns - seeing the Great Barrier Reef then "hopping" back down - After 3 weeks Hubby will fly home and I will stay on for the Aus Lace Guild Annual conference week... The reason Hubby is coming too this year is because next month it is our Silver Wedding Anniversary!!! eeek! LOL!

March 4, 2010

Finished Knot Garden wall hanging

Here it is...ta da!... the finished piece - it's about 60 cms wide and 45cms deep -now all I have to do is get on and put the hooks up then hang it! hehe!

A much cooler day here today only got to 25.9°c which was fab - I had the windows open and the breeze blowing through the house yay!

I am off to the city tomorrow for a Lace Guild committee meeting and it's only s'posed to be 26 which is great as it gets a very hot in amongst the buildings! Crafty wise I have been sorting out things which I will need for the Tassie/Melbourne Teaching trip in May ...