January 25, 2010

One World One Heart Giveaway 2010

Hi Everyone- Welcome to my blog!
One World One Heart is a great way to get to know other bloggers and to visit like minded people all over the world.
This is a worldwide event to bring bloggers together, you can read all about it at One World, One Heart just click on Lisa's name.
The purpose is to encourage people, bloggers and non-bloggers alike to visit other blogs and to make connections. Anyone with the One World, One Heart logo on their blog is taking part. If you'd like more information click on the One World One Heart logo in this entry or on the sidebar.
To possibly win my giveaway, you must leave a comment ON THIS POST ONLY, by February 14th I will draw the winners at 7.30pm (Australian Western Standard Time (+8 hours GMT), and I will announce these winners on February 15th. You need to be a blogger yourself, in order to qualify and you must leave an email address if I can't link back to you through you blog so you can be contacted if you should win.
When you click on the One World, One Heart logo you will be taken to the site that will explain everything, and show you a list of every participating blogger. Visit all the blogs! Leave Comments! Win prizes! Check back on the site, as new blogs will be listed as their authors sign up.
What am I offering?
I am offering two prizes this year - two of my "Jewelled Jemz" Neck Purses ... one in brown and one in green - they are great for popping your thimble in when you are at a workshop or even when you are working at home! and also for keeping Raffle Tickets and other Knick Knacks safe...or just to "pep" up an outfit! and as some people suggested last year - for your lippy or chap stick!
So on February the 14th I will be drawing 2 names and yours could be one! and announcing it on Feb 15th. If you have a colour preference please state it in your comment when you leave it (on this entry ONLY) ...Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come visit again soon and Good Luck!

January 22, 2010

Mikey the Micro Meerkat

Hi All
It was very hot here in Perth last Sunday around the 42°c mark - so I was hiding in the air conditioned studio and I decided to attempt knitting a tiny meerkat - I have 6 toy meerkats - 4 that I got here in Australia and the latest 2 that I bought in UK last year- I haven't been able to find a free tiny knitted Meerkat pattern on the web except I did manage to find a fab pattern for a tiny wee Mouse at a site called Knitted Toy Box
so I decided to adapt it - to Meerkat colours and I just made the arms/legs a little longer and unlike the original pattern I made the legs the same amount of stitches as the arms - I also used different needles as the yarn was finer than DK - it was an acrylic mohair ... I am really pleased with the result ... he is sooooo cute - Thanks Knitted Toy box :-) The other pic is of the Mumma Meerkat who had babies about 5 weeks before this picture was taken which I took last time I visited Perth Zoo in January last year... she was gorgeous. I have found a crocheted Meerkat pattern out there but unfortunately I never learned to crochet and now Arthritis in fingers negates it! the crochet pattern if your interested is at Roman Sock - I would love one of these but can't find anyone to make one for me : boo hoo! LOL!

January 20, 2010

Knot Garden Wall Hanging

Hi All - Today I finished the 2 "Jewelled Jemz Neck Purses" which I will be offering in my giveaway with the annual "One World One Heart" - it starts this coming Monday - 25th January and I will be drawing the winner on February 15th - if you would like to know more about it - click on the pink "Magic Carpet Ticket Holder- One World One Heart" logo in my sidebar on the left of your screen! (or on the underlined words that I have just made into a link!) It's a fantastic concept - last year there were well over 800 people offering gifts - I did put my name in on about 60 blogs but wasn't a winner perhaps this year I will be .... "gotta be in it to win it" LOL! :-) ... Last year I offered 1 Jewelled Jemz Neck purse and it went to live in the UK - I wonder where this year's two will end up? hmmm haha LOL! (I have taken pics of the purses in various stages and will show them on here soon as well as the pic of the actual finished items that will be on here on Monday).
Today's pics are: The first one is the background for my "Knot Garden Wall Hanging" - this year at my Stitchety Grubs Embroidery Group our theme is "Knot Garden"...... well - me being me- I am not taking the traditional route that a couple of the others are doing - I have actually already finished mine so I will show the various steps of it on the next few blog entries ... the second pic is of the first stage of the centre panel with the actual "Knot Garden" bit - Gold work Techniques......
The last 2 pics are of the duck pond in the centre of a little village in Dorset, Uk which is called "Ashmore " (Yes it is even on the Google maps - satellite and everything hehe) this is the village where I lived from the age of 2 until 16 (16-18 I was only home weekends as I lived with my Gran in Salisbury where I went to Art College- and then I moved to Bournemouth - to work and be in the 'big wide world!")

January 16, 2010

Lace and Decorated Blouse

Hi All - from Sunny hot Perth -today's temperature was 38°c and it is still 35° right now (6pm) and tomorrow and Monday's forecast is for 41°c!!! - I have been hiding in the studio today in the cool air con though I did go for a swim with Hubby and Son in our pool this afternoon (the pool water is 31°c!).
Pics today - my UK Trip one - shows a piece of lace in the Textile room at the V&A in london and the other two are of my blouse I appliqued last week - the sleeve and then the view of the whole blouse.... This last week I have been working on the Russian Mat but I am thinking that I may not have enough thread left on the reel (hindsight's a great thing - shoulda bought two!!) - so I have stopped and have ordered another (from the same lady I got the original one) - so I am hoping it will match close enough to wind onto a couple of the bobbins and I can gradually work it in .... finger's crossed .... Oh and I saw a giveaway on Robin's blog - but hurry as I think it closes tomrrow (Sunday)

January 13, 2010

Bobbin Lace Appliqued Blouse

Hi All
Another hot day in Perth today - 35°c - I went in our pool for a swim this arvo once my son and his mates had finished - the water was a lovely 31°c according to the new thermometer - obviously the pool blanket we got a week ago is doing it's job and hubby is happy as it's keeping a lot of leaves etc out and also not so much water evaporating as previously!
Here are some pics - the first two are of a blouse which I bought recently at an Op Shop (Charity shop) and last week I appliqued some bobbin lace pieces onto it that I did yonks ago that were kicking around in the cupboard - (they were used early last year when I did the machine embroidery course - when we were doing the sun dying - hence why they are kind of "rusty/orange" now!) also some silk blouse hems (as ribbon!) and some other braid/cord I was given - there are a couple more pics of this blouse - which I will put on my next blog entry... the third pic is part of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster London - from my trip last year - I was sat on a little wall opposite haveing a 5 min rest and decided it was worth a photo...hehe - luv the gargoyles - ferocious little beasties!

January 9, 2010

Russian Bobbin Lace Mat and park pics

Hi All
I am off to my Saturday arvo Lace Group in a minute - our first meeting for this year - so just have time to pop a blog entry on here - as some of you know I am also a member of an online (Aussie based) Lace Group - Gumlace - and I promised I would put an up to date photo of my Russian Mat which has been "on the go" for over 5 years- it has spent a lot of time in the cupboard including 10 months of last year! as I was working on my Triennial competition piece from early 2008 until Sept 2009 ..... and with all my travels last year - it has been sadly neglected - however it is currently the only Bobbin lace I have on the go (actually the only lace I have on the go - my 2 needle lace pillows are also empty!) - all my other 14 bobbin lace pillows are empty!!!.......... most unusual as I usually have 3-4 pieces of lace on the go - one of which is usually a wire piece!
So here is a pic of the matand I will be plodding away with it this afternoon at the group....

The next photo is the next instalment in my last Year's UK trip - this is Kensington Gardens and an 8 minute walk from my hotel .... the 3rd pic was taken in the adjoining Hyde Park -It is The Lido where people were swimming (amazing to this Aussie resident - it would have been way toooooo cold for me!) - in with all the ducks etc hehe! .....Talking of swimming - we had a pool blanket fitted on our pool on Wednesday and the water is now 29.5°c so I went in yesterday for the first time this season - hopefully I will be able to swim a lot more often now that our big below ground concrete pool (hence why it used to be sooo cold and take sooo long to heat up!) has a blanky hehe!
Warm thoughts to all of you "up there" with all that snow .... brrrrr memories of Southern England when I was a kid.... I DON'T miss the snow at all!

January 6, 2010

London pics and Applique ATC's

Here is the next installment in my UK trip last August and a craft pic - this is the hotel I stayed in - it's in Queensway Street in Bayswater, London -a dinky little hotel - it is the pink building in the pic - my room was at the very top (attic!!) in the centre - it had the tiniest "cupboard bathroom" - a round loo! little basin and shower - but was clean and just right for me all on my own.... colour digital TV up on the wall - tea/coffee facitiies - everything I needed and at £68 (AU$ 119) per night for central London - brilliant -a 3 min walk to Bayswater Underground station with a Tesco's supermarket opposite it (selling the necessaries like wine and chocolate haha!) - or a 6 mins walk to Queensway station ..... I actually walked out everywhere in the mornings but went by underground back in the afternoon to the hotel - I was too pooped by then haha!
I purchased an "Oyster card" for the under ground before I left Australia and it was great - the train from Heathrow to Bayswater station only cost £2.20 (AU$ 3.85!!!) and other short "zone 1" trips were £1.60 (AU$ 2.80) instead of £4 (AU$ 7.00) if you pay cash in the station! - a great saving - I still have around £7 (AU$ 12.25) on it! and it doesn't expire yay! I am keeping it safe for next July when Hubby and I plan to go together. The other pic is of 4 ATC's which were made from a bag of tiny scraps that I accumulate near my sewing machine - I hate throwing anything away - you just never know when you are going to need it! LOL ! They are embellished with tatted "flowers/bushes" and sequins and beads! The one at bottom right is still available if anyone out there wants to swap? - I wouldn't want to meet the "giant" ladybird on it if it was to scale though! haha!

January 4, 2010

Wire bobbin lace ATC's

I recently participated in a Christmas Card swap - and as I had some small pieces of wire bobbin lace (I make this little set of "repeats" to use up the wire that is left on my lace bobbins after making my jewellery pieces) I thought I could do something with them - I was sitting in the studio contemplating the wire lace and thought the little loops looked like little houses- which led me to the Christmas Carol - "Oh little town of Bethlehem..." so I made 6 ATC's - four which I attached to cards for the swap, one which I have kept for myself and one that went on a card and was posted to my Blog friend Pat that's the one (first pic) with the added hologram bell and tree ....(Hi Pat! :-D)
I painted the little house with some white paint and yellow for the 'lit windows" then sewed the wire lace strip itno place - added a star sequin and a little bit of calico on which I wrote the wording - and there ya go!

January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone :-)
Happy New Year - well I finally got around to loading all the photo's from my camera onto my computer yesterday - only took 5 hours! as I had to compress some of them to go on this blog .....The first pic that I took when I went to the UK last August - was of the "Button Queen" shop - It sold a few new and lots of antique buttons there - quite expensive but interesting to see anyway - if only those buttons could talk! - The top picture is of the Antique Maltese Lace hankie and bone bobbin I bought at Portabello markets - My Grandfathers name was James ... and as there were only 3 choices of names - I felt rather pleased to find a family name on one! the other pic I took somewhere in London haha! just loved the sign as it had 2 of my favourite things - Vodka and food! on it haha!