May 13, 2010

My travel art kit

Hi All - Betchya thought I'd vanished into the ether? he he - No.... I have been busy the last couple of weeks getting ready for my teaching trip to Tasmania and Melbourne .... 6 sleeps to go LOL... I also had a fabulous time last weekend at the "Lace West" weekend - it was 2 days of workshops and it was to celebrate 30 years of the West Australian Branch of the Australian Lace Guild!!!...we had beautiful sunny weather all weekend - the venue was right next to the Swan River (that's the main river through Perth City for my overseas blog friends) .. I did Needle lace and thoroughly enjoyed it all - there was good food and good company and wine and choc of course haha!... only down side was the bunk beds squeaked terribly every time you tried to turn over ... kept waking myself and my friend up too! but apparently all the beds in all the rooms were like it! .... I still have heaps of photo's on my camera and haven't psyched myself up to loading and compressing them on here yet .... so in the interim here are pics of my traveling art kit - a Moleskin sketch book - and in the lightweight "pencil case" are:
water colour pencils - a mechanical lead pencil, eraser, sharpener, fold up ruler, 2 black "Pitt pens", 2 (water holding) brushes, spare pencil leads, spare erasers (for the mechanical pencil), 2 "Twinkling H20" pots and a little tiny pair of scissors! ..... all kept neat in a little stripey fabric bag (not in the pics).