May 24, 2007

Craft Show

Hi - Well that was a quick 3 days since my last post....
I am off to the Big Craft Fair here in Perth this Saturday to demonstrate on the Australian Lace Guild WA Branch stand along with other ladies in our "Lacecargot Lacemakers" group - we will be there all day ... there are 5 of us so we can take it in turns "manning" the stand and looking around. I am taking along a Bedfordshire edging which I designed a couple of weeks ago ... It will be a small hankie size when finished (Only 14 pairs of bobbins). I am looking forward to having a snoofy around the stands and I will try not too spend too much money haha! I am also looking forward to seeing the quilts although I was a member of WAQA for 10 years I let my membership elapse last year as I really wasn't attending the meetings anymore with the exeption of the small Pin Pals group which I still do attend ... in fact the ladies of that little group will be coming to my house for the first time in a couple of weeks ... I just hope the house doesn't smell too much of paint as it is the day after the long weekend and that is when we are finally painting our bedroom (14 and a 1/2 years ago was the last time so well overdue!!!)
Thank you to the people who have visited my blog recently and left little messages, Hi Hannah, Jennifer, Waltraud..... It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when someone has enjoyed my work.... well the family will be getting hungry ... off to do Kitchen duty ... not half as interesting as being in the studio haha!

May 21, 2007

Stitching Group challenge

Here is a pic of the first three "months" stitches for the challenge (so far). The first stitch we were to do was "Colonial Knot" and the square bottom left of the picture is that one. The background in each case is hand painted craft felt. I did 4 different shades which when finished the final piece will reside in our bedroom which we are going to be decorating in 2 weeks time on the long weekend. The second stitch was "Fly stitch" and that is the falcon square at bottom right it also has some oval beads and glittery "worms" (coloured metallic stuff like the "bright check" used in goldwork). The third stitch was "Sheaf stitch" and that is the top Peacock square. The tail has Sheaf stitch as do the little sequin "flowers" ... it is also embellished with little seed beads. The stitch for the current month is "Wheatear" which I have done but haven't taken a pic of it yet .... so you will have to wait for that :-D LOL! If you would like a closer look just click on the pic. By the way the squares are each 8cm x 8cm and worked in bought threads as well as my own hand dyed ones.

May 18, 2007

Wheatear Stitch

Hi All

I have had a busy week ... lots of bobbin painting .... - orders to fill ... but I did get to do a bit to my Kanthas Quit at my embroidery group ... we had show and tell ... - I have put a pic of my friend Colleen's crazy patch on here... yes that is real handmade bobbin lace on it .. Colleen is a prolific lacemaker.... this month's "Wheatear" stitch is on this piece .... at the bottom can you see the "Centipede" he is done in the Wheatear stitch! :-D -on the dark background (if you click on the pic it will enlarge). I am off to the "hills" for the Monthly WA Guild Lace day tomorrow ... looking forward to it.. I will be taking my Cordonnicot Needlelace "Lizard(s) to work ... I will try and remember to take a pic of them next week ... I have to dig out the camera for some other pics anyway.....

May 9, 2007

New Jewelled Jemz Neckpurses

Hi All

I can show you these pics now ....of the 5 "Jewelled Jemz" neck purses which I made
back in February ... I fell in love with the green one so kept it and the other 4 went to live with the 4 lovely ladies with whom I stayed on my recent Needlelace teaching trip in March/early April in Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane.
I am still sorting out this computer ... getting organised slowly :-D

May 2, 2007

Still waiting on the computer to be sorted

Hi All
I have been a bit quiet the last week - still waiting for the computer guy to come and sort out the rest of the bits from the computer crashing a couple of weeks ago (he's coming over tomorrow evening yay!)... then I will load on some pics .... I have been busy painting bobbins in the studio and doing some lace and embroidery so I am keeping out of mischief! haha :-D I am also planningt he new decor for our bedroom ... to be painted on the next Bank holiday at the beginning of June (it hasn't been doen for 14 years !!!)
Off now for a cuppa and yep you guessed ....choc haha LOL! :-D