December 30, 2007

Russian Mat and Happy New Year

Here are a couple of pics again of my Russian Mat... the 1st was how it was at the beginning of December last year and the 2nd image shows it as it was a few months ago in early August ... I have been working on it the last 5 days in the cool of my studio whilst rewatching the Lord of the Rings trilogy and it's extra items... I hope to take some more up to date pics and load them on here next week..... The mat is 49 cms in diameter.
Have a Happy New Year all.....

December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas

A quick note to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year .... I have a friend coming over sometime in January to help me get organised with this blog ... there are lots of things which I admire on other people's blogs but have no idea how to get them for mine ...even though I have had a bit of a look it seems very confusing! So hopefully next year it will be more exciting! As another friend of mine would say "Merry Christmas and custard!"

December 12, 2007

Hello ... :)

Hi All

I have been busy the past week ... firstly tidying the studio though now you wouldn't know it! ... I have been working the last 2 days on my Pantoran as all 10 of the little squares are now embroidered and I am working on the top panel on which to hang them.... and it is all spread out on the studio floor! I am taking pics as I progress and will post them soon.

Here are a couple of pics I took on the recent visit to the "AQWA" Aquarium of Western Australia ... it isn't easy to take pics because of the reflections in some of the tanks.

December 5, 2007

Napkin Lace Challenge

HI All
I have been here just lurking and looking on everyone else's blog's most nights.... I have been very remiss in not taking any pics with the camera hence not actually putting any posts on here... I have been tidying my studio the last couple of days! uh oh! ...long way to go yet ...trying to down size ... I have 2 bags of rubbish already... that's just paper!
Here are a few pics of the Napkin Challenge which I did during the middle part of this year .... The Australian Lace Guild challenged us to design and make lace based on the "dotty" designs on Paper Napkins..... you can see my napkin on the display sheet bottom centre ... with the biro markings on it! ... I made two items ... one in Bobbin Lace and one in Needlelace ...Both of which have just recently been entered in the local Annual Wanneroo Agricultural Show (2 weeks ago) in which I won 1st in "Bobbin lace - edged item" and 1st in "Any other Lace" for the needlelace one! Everyone who participated in the Guild Challenge had their pieces put in a book available through the Aus Lace Guild .... and there are 40 different Designs/patterns by 19 different Lacemakers! ...Those of us who entered were given a complimentary copy of the book which was luvly! The only thing was that I didn't realise that they were gonna be publishing them and so I hadn't named them ... Our magazine Editor named them "A Free Interpretation" which I never would have thought of .... my names for them were "Icicle" for the bobbin lace and "Tutti Frutti" for the Needlelace! But she had a dead line to work to and I was away down in Albany on the long Lace weekend...