August 30, 2008

Two more "Wild Women"

Hi All .... first I would like to say thank you to those of you who have left a little "comment" recently ... I love getting them :-) Here are a couple more of the "WIld Women" brooches I made for Dale's swap at the Craft Fair earlier this month here in Perth. The first one is "duster" felt (Thanks Pat hehe) with a painted nappy liner "bonded" (with bonding powder) to it then a little bit of metallic thread machine embroidery. There is painted "glue" (thanks to Carol for this technique) (painted with Lumiere paints as I found these worked the best out of the paints I already had in my studio). The face was done as the first brooch mentioned in a previous post then various bits of tatting were added as well as a bit of beading and some "fluffy" wool. The feet are leather with stitches for the "thongs" (or Flip Flops if you are overseas and have a different meaning for thong than we do here in Aus!haha). The second brooch was made on a background of painted fleecy (track suit fabric ..."wrong side" which is fluffy!) then embellished with tetured wool and beads ...a central tatted flower and some other tatted lace for the bottom of her "dress". The boots were made as the first brooch using an offcut of soft leather which was lightly stuffed with toy stuffing. I know the first brooch has gone to live with Penny in South Australia. Another one of the 3 went to live in another suburb here in Perth but I am not sure where the other 2 ended up.... I will show the pics of the last two on my next post... I am off next weekend down to Albany for the lace weekend and I am soooo looking forward to it ... I have been soooo busy the last 4 months painting bobbins ... it'll be nice to sit and sew for 2 whole days ... I have been given the pattern for the upcoming needle lace workshop I am attending for a week in Brisbane from the 21st Sept -(The Australian Lace Guild Annual Conference week) and I will be preparing that in Albany ....

August 25, 2008

Japanese ATC's

Here I am back again - I thoroughly enjoyed the Olympics and managed to get bobbins painted in the mornings and crafty stuff in the evenings ... I just need to get some time to load the camera program on this new computer and then I can pop the pics on to this blog.
The ATC on the right was made by my mate April ... she is obviously doing Japan as her theme at our embroidery group haha! ... you already know that my theme is Egypt haha... I love April's work and fell in love with this ATC so I made the one on the left for her (I made an additional 6 to swap at the Aus Lace Guild Conference week which starts on Sept 21st ) ... I painted the Japanese ladies with Acrylics on calico then appliqued them onto some red/black fabric which was a dress I got at a local "op shop" (Charity shop) ...I added some tatted lace and made it look like a fan and I made some of the tiniest tassels ever haha! I have quite a few ATC's to take and any which are left I will pop on here stay tuned!

August 16, 2008

Wild Woman Brooch 1

Hi All - I am still busy watching the Olympics and enjoying it all thoroughly ... just watched our Aussie guys win 2 gold medals and a SIlver in some of the rowing - still waiting on the men's 8 rowing race later .... Here are a couple of pics of a Wild Woman brooch I made ...I made 5 ..this was the first one which I fell in love with and have kept haha! I will be wearing it at the AUstralian Lace Guild AGM week in 5 weeks time... She is hand needle felted and I have added some of my tatting ... funky hair haha!
I couln't find anything to use for feet in the local shops and ended up making leather boots (I make my own leather thimbles so always have leather scraps in the studio) I liked the boots so much that I made some ankle boots for one of the others, another pair of knee boots on another one and the last two had little leather feet with stitching added to look like "thongs" (not the underwear sort! but what we here in Aus call "Flip Flop shoes!) You will get to see pics of these in following posts. I haven't yet received my WIld Women in the post ...waiting with batited breath... though I know one of mine has gone to live in South Australia with Penny
All my Wild Women were based on statues in a book I have on Inca's - the faces I made using thin metal and an old biro!
...Thanks to those of you who take the time to leave a little comment for me on previous posts ... I love getting them... though I am still yet to get more than 5 (which was my New Year's Resolution! hehe) well now I am off to have dinner and watch the TV ...

August 11, 2008

Hi All - Studio and Olympics

Hi Everyone
Just a quick note to say "I am around and about" - just really busy in the studio painting bobbins - I have quite a few large orders in at the moment and I am also trying to get the stock together for both the Albany Lace Weekend (Sept 5-8) and for my stall at The Australian Lace Guild AGM week (Sept 21-28) ... and have to confess that we bought a new big 46 inch LCD TV 2 weeks ago and on Saturday (just gone) the unit for it to sit on and matching coffee table and recliner 3 piece suite arrived so I have been coming out of the studio at 7.30pm and instead of spending 1 1/2 hours at the computer I have been sitting in the comfy chair and watching the Olympics!!!
As we here in West Australia are on the same time line as China we are getting coverage at normal times and not all hours of the night as we have in most past Olympics! Which is great as I can work in the studio and have it on on the tv in there .... (Instead of watching recorded stuff from previous evenings as the daytime tv here is atrocious!) Wow! good word that ...think I will make it my word of the week haha!
Well off to the comfy chair and to watch this evenings coverage ... :-)

August 4, 2008

I am back and More Nefertiti

Hi All
I have a brand new computer ... got it finally on Friday but as I twas my Hubby's Birthday I didn't get anytime to do anything... I was demonstrating lacemaking (Wire Bobbin lace) at the big Craft Fair here in Perth all day Saturday with the exception of an hour mid day when I went along and did the "Ratty Tatty Paper" workshop with Dale of the Thread Studio ...It was great and I have lots of ideas but unfortunately no time at the moment to do anything about it grrrrrrrr! all day yesterday I was at our best friends house helping out then attending her youngest daughters 21st B'day party which was great but it was mid evening by the time we got back and I was sooooo pooped! Anyway I will take pics of teh stuff done at the workshop and also what extra things I do to it as and when ...stay posted! Here is a pic of the Needle lace Nefertiti complete and ready to be mounted ad a neck purse ...these pics were taken a couple of weeks ago before the old computer fried and it has progressed to being finished now but I haven't hada chance to photograph it yet!
I hope you are all well and being very creative I am looking forward to catching up on your blog pages....:-)