February 28, 2009

Embroidered Denim Cuff and new Grand Niece

Hi All
It's a long weekend here in Aus - (it is "Labour" Day on Monday) though I have to do some dreaded housework on Monday as I have the ladies from the little Quilt Group that I have been a member of for 13 years coming for the day - we take it in turns each month and March is my turn. The pics above are of a cuff that my friend Ros made for me last September ... I just received the news that I have another Grand Niece - number 3 ... Baby Jessica was born 4 hours and 20 mins ago in the UK -there's a pic here of my nephew Chris and new baby daughter hehe!

February 26, 2009

Wild Women Brooches

Here are two of the four Wild Women Brooches I received last year when I participated in the swap that Dale arranged .... the first was from a lady in the UK and the second a lady here in Perth (a couple of suburbs away!) I have worn them ...I wore one each day during the Australian Lace Guild Conference AGM week last September and received lots of compliments ... I have worn them several times now ... they are just gorgeous...
Don't forget I have ATC's for swapping (see post below)
I will be starting a Free Machine Embroidery Workshop on Friday March 6th it will be once a month on the first Friday of the month we will be doing "Sun dyeing" the first day ... I am really looking forward to it and will of course be taking pics and popping them on here! As most of you know I am predominently a hand embroiderer and it will be good to have some pointers for Machine embroidery.

February 19, 2009

ATC's available to swap...

I have some more ATC's available for swapping ....
1. Available - Painted calico with Painted lady wearing Tatted lace and beads
10. Available - Felt, knitting yarn, Tatting, sequins, Angelina fibres
11. GONE
12. Available - Kanthas style embroidery on hand dyed scrim with sequins/beads
13. GONE

14. GONE

15. Available - Hand painted calico with Angelina felted leaves, Hand made bucks
point bobbin lace and sequin/bead

16. GONE
17. Available - Salt dyed silk with painted yacht and Tatted "waves"
18. Available - Painted calico and painted Nappy liner, hand made "Torchon" bobbin lace,
velvet, painted "glue" and beads
19. Available - Fabric with Angelina fibres, hand made Wire Bobbin lace, knitting wool,
sequins and beads
If you would like to swap an ATC just leave a comment on here ....

February 17, 2009

Wild Woman Brooch for Gillian

Hi All - Well I thoroughly enjoyed being a participant in this year's One World - One Heart giveaway .... I didn't win anything myself but it has given me a list of lovely blog's to visit... yay! I love to see what everyone is up to! and it did break my entry "comment" record ... last year I just wanted to get more than 5 comments and just managed 6 at the end of December ...well for the One WOrld - One Heart entry I had 152... Yay! doing Happy Dance ... also I still have some ATC's available for swapping if you would like to scroll down a couple of entries.....
I went into Perth City today on the trail of "Moleskine" sketchbooks ...without much success ...I have some on order at a local Art supply shop but they are waiting for the main company to put in an order and don't know when it'll be ...typical West Aussie attitude! ... patience is not my virtue in this case ..... have lots of patience when doing things in my studio but when I want something I want it NOW!!! hahaha! .... also struck out on getting a mixed 4 pack of Black Faber Castell Pitt Pens .... but I have discovered a place online in the Eastern (Victoria) States ...so I will probably take that option!
Does anyone know how to stop the type face from changing mid sentence on a blog entry? I start with Trebuchet then it decides to change to something else and I have to highlight it and change it to the Trebuchet again!... grrr!
Here is a pic of my latest Wild Woman ... at my "Stitchety Grub Embroidery Group" this year we are all making them for each other's Birthday pressies ... I can't wait until April 5th to get mine hehe! This one was for my friend Gillian - her birthday was Feb 1 and she likes blue.... it is hand needlefelted with a bit of running stitch (my hand dyed threads) flower sequins and some beads and a little tatted "Frou Frou" on her head ...the shoes I found in a local "cheap all sorts" shop (household bit of craft etc) it was a bag of 6 pairs of shoes for $2 and there weren't any others ...it was just sitting randomly amongst other craft bits hehe! Mine mine mine!

February 12, 2009

Congratulations "Bee"

Congratulations go to "Bee" who is the inner of my "Jewelled Jemz Neck Purse" ... I have left a message on your blog Bee as I can't trace an email addy for you...Well done to you.....Yay LOL!
I haven't recieved any emails today to say if I had won anything but never mind ... I so enjoyed participating and look forward to leisurely looking around everyone else's blogs now....

February 11, 2009

My closing for One World-One heart will be ...

Hi Just a quick note to say that my closing time for my One World-One Heart giveaway will be at midnight Australian Western Summer time (That is Greenwich Meantime plus 9 hours) .... so you have 3 hours and 39 minutes left to enter from the time on this post good luck :-D
and don't forget I have ATC's available to swap in the posting below the One World one :-D