August 24, 2010

Japanese weaving, Tamari balls and Origami

Hi All a few more pics from the Japan trip - one of the weaving that my friend Jo was doing ... one from the Tamari Ball workshop and the last a pic of one of the beautiful Origami pieces that were on display one morning tea break .... it is made up of lots of tiny Origami cranes ... very clever!
Hubby and I leave this Friday morning for our Silver Wedding Anniversary trip to Queensland (it lasts 3 weeks and 2 days) and then he flies home whilst I stay on for the Australian Lace Guild AGM week :-) yay waa hoo!

August 8, 2010

Kumihimo Braid workshop in Japan

Hi All - Here are a few pics from my recent Kumihimo Workshop in Japan... The first pic shows the 2nd Braid that I made during the 3 and a half day workshop .... It's about to be started on the Kakudai that I was using - the Tama (bobbins) are wound ....ready to go... the second pic shows the purple and lime green braid I started late on day 2 - it's called "Dogwood" - has little flowers formed on it! and the third pic shows the lady from USA who was sitting next to me on my right - Lauren - like me she is also a lace maker who works with Wire! Hi Lauran if you're reading this :-) oh and we were making all the braids in beautiful Japanese silks- fabulous thread! mm mm!

August 6, 2010

Hi All

Here's some pics from the Japan trip - on Rokko Island where the congress was held there were various "art pieces" dotted around the streets - here are a couple and a pic of me in front of the Hotel Plaza Kobe - where the Kobe fashion Museum is also. This hotel is where I stayed.

Since I communicated with people in Japan a few months before the congress I have been getting "junk Comments" on this blog - please do leave messages but only if you are a fellow craft person -thanks :-) and if you attended OIDFA - do leave a message - I met lots of people (and had lovely gifts from some) but not everyone included contact details :-(