October 31, 2010

Birthdays all over the place!

Three weeks ago yesterday my Baby Gal was 21 - here she is sitting in my comfy chair - along with my resident Meerkats! LOL! Meerkat group on the left = big meerkat "Sid" -Bought in Fremantle in August 2008 and Monty on his left (bought in Cumbria, UK August 2009) - in front is Mork then piglet (not a meerkat obviously! haha) and Mindy (Mork and Mindy joined the family in June this year).
On the right of the pic is Maurice (bought at a local shopping center in a florists! last year, Flower (from Perth Zoo shop in January 2009) and Alex bought in Swanage, UK last September) My only Meerkat that doesn't sit in my chair is Mikey the Micro Meerkat as he would get lost down the sides all the time haha!
Baby Gal is wearing her glittery 21 sash which I made for her to go "clubbing" in!...The other pic shows Baby Boy and his Girlfriend at the 21st Birthday dinner - and this Wednesday it will be his 18th Birthday! so tomorrow I have to make an 18th "head/arm band" for him to go clubbing with - awww 18 - an adult haha! LOL!

October 22, 2010

Needle Lace Dragonfly bra bag

Hi All - as I had promised some lace making friends - here is the photo of my latest "Bra bag" - the Needle lace dragonfly was made during the recent Australian Lace Guild AGM week - the actual dragonfly was designed by tutor Margaret Stephens.... his wings are 3d .... I made him in 3 days and he was always intended to go on the bag but looked a bit lost - so on the 4th and final day of the workshop I designed a blossom branch for him to sit on - the flowers are small couronnes.... (made on a pad not a couronne stick) all mounted onto a pre-prepared black "bra" bag :-) This is my 3rd bra bag and just in case you missed the other 2 - here are pics of the 1st - pink one and the 2nd one - Egyptian Scarab - which was also made during a Needle lace "Margaret Stephen's" workshop at the AGM week - 2 years ago - I adapted Margaret's design to fit in an oval so that it could be the scarab beetle's back. The lace edging is also hand made using a metallic thread which wasn't easy to use! but looked great - so I was determined it was going to do what I wanted it to - you have to be assertive with a many of the metallic threads !!!! hehe!

October 18, 2010

Needle lace Butterfly

Hi All - as promised here are 3 pics of the butterfly which I made the week after the AGM - during the actual AGM workshop week (with Tutor Margaret Stephens) I did the Dragonfly (I will pop a pic of that on here in the next entry) All the other 9 students were making gorgeous butterflies and so I was compelled to make one when I returned home - so here it is ... the first photo shows the "Base" - wings and the second one with the 2nd 3D wings attached and the final photo shows the complete necklace - the Beaded "chain" attached and I made some earrings to match (I don't have hooks on them in the photo as I attach all my earrings to "Euro ball" hooks made of real silver or real gold as I am not good with the cheap varieties of hooks) it means I can just thread on whichever earrings I want - great for travelling :-)

October 14, 2010

Funky Red Shoes

Hi All - at last I have been able to load on my photo's from my recent escapades - alas though today I have run out of time to compress them ready to go on here ...However I have popped these two pics on here which are of the new Red shoes I bought today - funky aren't they ha ha? Do stay tuned as there will be all sorts of exciting pics to come ....