January 29, 2007

Ethnic Cross Stitch

This was the little Cross stitch "Ethnic" mat which I designed and made during my City & Guilds Emb stage 1 course a few years ago .... The cross stitch was based on research done on "tassels" although it looks a bit like a "robot" haha!

The edge is embellished with "Shisha" mirrors on hand dyed fabric and the edge is Needlelace loops with beads attached instead of picots.

January 25, 2007

Crazy Patch Needlecase

This is (so far) my one and only Crazy Patchwork piece ... it's a needlecase (surprise surprise!:-D) it is about 18cm deep and, when folded, about 12cm wide. It's embellished with some of my own tatting , silk ribbon embroidery, odd "geegaws" which a friend found in an "op shop" an odd earring which I got at an Op shop.... etc... it has a variety of bugs on it .. of course a spider ... whose legs are "3D"!, dragonfly, ladybug, Butterflies (one ribbon and one tatted) and bees. I made it a couple of years ago and hadn't seen it for a while (tidying up last week it resurfaced!) and I had forgotten all the little details :-D ...I am almost tempted to do some more ...but I really want to stick to my New Year's resolution of finishing "WIP's" and not starting new stuff.... sigh! oh for a few more hours in the day! LOL!

January 22, 2007

Russian Mat

This was my first ever Russian piece... "Boris" from Bridget Cook's first Russian Lace book.
It was done in 3 weeks 2 days ... :-D
It's a lovely pattern.
Haven't had a chance to make any lace today ... had to go down to the local Uni to sort out DD student card and car parking permit, enrolling etc.....
Only sewing I got to do today was DH shorts ... the belt loops had started to pull away ... he hasn't had them long either! They don't make things like they used to!!
I finished the wire lace earrings yesterday to go with the necklace which I designed and made last week... very pleased with them ... they are for the workshop which I hope to teach in September at the Australian Lace Guild AGM week. I will be putting a pic of them on here at the end of next month/beginning March in conjunction for the article in the March issue of Australian Lace. My embroidery group have decided to do a project together ... after reading about the TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday) challenge run by Sharon B at the following link:(http://inaminuteago.com/index.html ) I mentioned it to the other 4 ladies at the group and they liked the idea too but were baulking at the fact there is only a week to do each stitch... so we thought that we would choose a new stitch at alternate meetings (we meet every 2 weeks so it would be 4 weekly) We are going to put 22 bits of paper in a "bag" ....each with a different stitch written on it and pull one out each time .... starting on February 2nd ... it will be interesting what everyone will do the stitching on! I am thinkning of doing a "Pantoran" in the colours which I want our bedroom to be decorated in .... must raid the material stash and maybe make some material ... felting or something hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! :-D

January 20, 2007

"A room with a view" 2

Here are a couple of pics of my entry for the Triennial Lace Competition (Adelaide) in 2003. The title was "A room with a view" but my son has always referred to it as "Mum's Cheeky Lace" !!

The lid of the slim box which I made to contain the lace is made with handpainted "bricks" on cotton, brick shapes were then "quilted" and embellishments added in the form of needlelace vines ... woven leaves... and the little blossoms are made like "bells" using a Couronne stick then sewn into place with a tiny bead in the centre. The cream buttonhole stitch forms the window frame (which doesn't show in the photo but is actually cut out). The entry below shows the box "open" though it is a little hard to see the inside lid as I took the photo on the floor in the studio and it is very similar in colour!!!

"A room with a view" inside

The Venetian Gros Point lace inside ... click on the pic to enlarge.
betchya thought it was something else haha!

January 19, 2007

Bedfordshire Gumleaf and Blossom

I was tidying up in my studio this week, putting things away!!! and found a few "older" pieces... including this piece of Bedforshire Lace which was designed by the lovely Liz Ligetti and made by me when I attended her workshops in Melbourne back in September 1997.... It only measures just over a couple of inches from top to bottom but I vaguely remember it having around 60 pairs of bobbins at the widest point!LOL! It did win a 1st in the local Agricultural show back in 2000 though, yay!
I went to Stitchety Grubs (my embroidery group) this morning and did a bit more to the really long Danish X-stitch sampler which I started in April 2003 ... I did about 40 cms of it over Xmas .... (I hadn't touched it in ages last year otherwise) and I only have about 12 cms to go ! I will post a pic when it's done :-D

January 17, 2007

Wire Lace Bobbins

Here's a few of my Wire Lace bobbins .....They are converted "Downton" bobbins. Some were made for me back in the early 1990's by local wood turners in woods such as "Jarrah", Jacaranda" and "She-Oak". Some were whittled by me and then handpainted by me and some (more recently) made by my Hubby and painted by me..... I like to work with the "Eye" on the top not on the side of the neck and 'cos I converted already made Downtons the necks were too thin to drill and attach the eyes but after having a go with a friends bobbins which have the "Eye" on the side ..... It's a pain in the *** cos they get all caught up. I love my "Downtons" :-D The bobbin case they are lying on was made by my mate Estelle who makes a faaab job of them...I have bought many from her for gifts as well as the 19 I have! (plus my 2 kids have 3 between them!)

January 13, 2007

I've been busy the last couple of days doing some little embroideries ... abstract with glittery threads and sequins and all sorts of yummy bits..... Went to Lacecargot Lace Group today and actually made some lace in between the yakking and afternoon tea! Just did a bit more to the big Russian Braid Mat .... only a million miles more to do haha! :-D
In two weeks time Lacecargot group is 12 years old so we are having a bring a plate lunch ... I have to something savoury ...so will have to find something inspiring hmmmmmmmmmmm! 3 other gals will be doing "sweets" yummo ... they are all such great cooks ..can't wait haha! Won't bother taking my lace pillow though as it won't even get out of the bag!
My studio is in serious need of a tidy but can't do it until I finish with the little embroideries as I have all the useful bits spread everywhere! though it is starting to drive me crazy!(er) LOL!

January 8, 2007


My Boodiful baby gal graduated from school at the end of last year....

I went shopping for school supplies today for my son... it was very wierd only having to get stuff for just him!!! and cheaper too haha! LOL! :-D

I have a few bits still to get including a visit to the school shop for navy blue shorts now that the government has banned denim!!

January 4, 2007

Necklace from Ros

Here's a pic of the lovely beaded necklace my mate, Ros made and gave me for Xmas ....It has already been much admired :-D
I already had some black and gold bead earrings which I made early last year which look great with it.