May 24, 2007

Craft Show

Hi - Well that was a quick 3 days since my last post....
I am off to the Big Craft Fair here in Perth this Saturday to demonstrate on the Australian Lace Guild WA Branch stand along with other ladies in our "Lacecargot Lacemakers" group - we will be there all day ... there are 5 of us so we can take it in turns "manning" the stand and looking around. I am taking along a Bedfordshire edging which I designed a couple of weeks ago ... It will be a small hankie size when finished (Only 14 pairs of bobbins). I am looking forward to having a snoofy around the stands and I will try not too spend too much money haha! I am also looking forward to seeing the quilts although I was a member of WAQA for 10 years I let my membership elapse last year as I really wasn't attending the meetings anymore with the exeption of the small Pin Pals group which I still do attend ... in fact the ladies of that little group will be coming to my house for the first time in a couple of weeks ... I just hope the house doesn't smell too much of paint as it is the day after the long weekend and that is when we are finally painting our bedroom (14 and a 1/2 years ago was the last time so well overdue!!!)
Thank you to the people who have visited my blog recently and left little messages, Hi Hannah, Jennifer, Waltraud..... It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when someone has enjoyed my work.... well the family will be getting hungry ... off to do Kitchen duty ... not half as interesting as being in the studio haha!

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