July 10, 2007

Alter Cloth 2

Here is the 2nd Alter cloth pic which I took last year in UK. This one is in the Salisbury Cathedral ... absolutely stunning in real life ... the colours are much better than this pic... it doesn't do it justice.
I pulled the muscle in the right side of my neck this morning :-(
(I usually manage to do it about once every 12-18 months!). The time before last I was towelling my hair dry and this time putting a jumper on and "twang" it went ...darn thing!... I have been trying to ignore it all day ...this morning as I was painting a bobbin order and this afternoon as I was mounting a piece of Bedfordshire lace I had made using 4 sided stitch .... thank goodness for head magnifiers!!! as the cotton fabric I am using is very fine! but as the lace itself is fine it had to be .... sigh!

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