September 12, 2007

Blog troubles :(

I had a great weekend down in Albany ...I have some pics but haven't been home to load them on the computer! I have been trying to put the NeoCounter back on this page tonight but it won't let me :( I am soooooo fed up with trying to sort it out in the template ...the silly codes are all so much jargon ..... sheesh! How do all the other bloggers out there manage to have lots of ring links on their pages when I can't even get the one Embellisher one I had before we updated this B****** page! bah humbug!
Grrrrrrrrrrrr >:( It has been wet and wild here today ... and it's s'posed to be "showery" all week.... wonder where Spring went hmmmmmmmmmm haha LOL!

1 comment:

Cara said...

You have my sympathy on the computer thing! Sometimes I feel like the computer takes away alll my time for art!
I saved on getting a web designer or even a WISIWYG (what you see is what your get) editor and learned HTML from the ground up. I'm really not up very high. But I did my own site. It takes a long time. There is a good free HTML tutorial site called Iron Spider. Go there only if you want to learn it. Easier to get someone to do it in-house, if you have a tekkie in residence.