February 27, 2010

More Knot Garden Wall hanging

Hi All
I am still enjoying working in the studio with the air con zooming away - Thursday's temp here was a high of 42°c and yesterday 40°c - today a cooller 36°c!!!
Here are the next 2 pics of my Knot Garden Wall hanging - now with the little silk flowers in place - they were made by ironing salt dyed silk (a couple of blouses which I got at an "Op shop" (charity shop)) onto a piece of Vliesofix - then by peeling of the paper backing of the Vliesofix and ironing more silk onto the back so basically silk sandwiched with a "glue" middle! - then I cut them all out!
They are cut from 1cm squares so that gives you an idea of their size .... then sewn into place with a bead in the centre. A pic of the complete hanging - to follow in the next post :-) ...

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