March 18, 2010

Last stages of the Inchie Scissor Keepers

Here are the last few pics of the Inchie scissor keepers - They are all now patiently waiting in a box in the studio for their trip with me to Japan in July - I decided to make these as my little gift as they are nice and lightweight - I think I am s'posed to wrap them though so I will have to dig out some tissue paper nearer the time ..hmmmm :-) .... busy at he moment preparing more Wire Bobbin Lace Jewellery kits for the Teaching trip to Tasmania/Melbourne in May - today - more winding wire off the bigger spools onto little ones - exciting stuff hehe! still I do get to watch documentaries etc that I have recorded on my dvd :-)


Sherry said...

They look divine! They'll make fantastic little gifts for your trip.

laura_rose said...

Hi Britt,
The scissor keepers are gorgeous!! And just so you know, this little Tassie girl can't wait for the wire workshop, so I really do appreciate your work getting organised for us :)