April 12, 2010

Free form Peyote bead bracelet

Back whilst the Winter Olympics was on TV I had the urge to have a go at making a Free form Peyote bracelet - so here are the first three pics - I will post the other three pics in the next blog entry.
I have been very busy the last few weeks - back in the studio Lace bobbin painting - getting stock ready for later in the year. Also I am making another crazy patch belt for my July Japan Lace Congress trip (also in the navy blue, rust, cream colour scheme as the peyote bracelet) I am crazily tatting little bits of coloured lace to go on it ... and I am working on a coloured Kanthas quilt - with Incan designs on it! pics in the future!

1 comment:

Ombretta Panese Brettagna said...

I tuoi lavori sono bellissimi. Amo i colori che inserisci nelle tue fantastiche idee.