August 31, 2011

Tall Textile Vessel

Hi All - Well it's the last day of Winter here in Australia today beginning of Spring tomorrow - yay!
Here are some pics of my "Tall Vessel" which I made before my UK trip - but as it was on display whilst I was away I waited off posting the pics.
The first pic shows a grotty green piece of felt I got in a craft shop bargain bin with a nappy liner stuck to it (The nappy liner had been painted with Dye-n-flow and Lumiere paints then "hit with a heat gun") ... didn't look like much and it was kicking around in the studio for several months before I decided to make a vessel from it - the second pic shows machine embroidery added - starting to look more interesting - the third pic shows more embellishment added - the techniques I learned for my previous post of a "Sea Urchin Vessel" in the workshop I did last year in November - (pics on the December 3, 7 and 16th entries) (with the very creative Elizabeth Morley)... in the last pic if you look carefully you can see that I have cut it into "panels" more pics to come... :-)

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Daydream Retreat said...

Very cool! I'm obsessed with surface design and embellishment right now and just love seeing your work :)