September 21, 2011

More Textile vessel

Hi ALL- more pics of the vessel - now cut into segments ready for sewing together :-) 3 sides and a base...
It's 4 sleeps until I head to Sydney - really looking forward to it - hope the weather is good to us - but as it's "Sydney" who knows LOL!
I am also looking forward to visiting some craft shops over there - I know for sure I will be going to Feeling Inspired beads at Mona Vale on the day off of the AGM week (the 5th Oct) as a Tasmanian mate has "wheels" all week and is driving there - I am gonna be a "bum" on a seat and go along too hehe:-)

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Emma said...

Goodness, you've been a little bit busy - I'm exhausted catching up with your recent posts! You only had another 5 hour drive from Edinbro to come & see me on the Isle of Skye! (only kidding;) I don't imagine your feet touched British soil!

Love the vessel in the making.