February 1, 2012

Needle Lace leaves

Hi All - I am just about surviving the heat here in Perth - we have are experiencing the 2nd hottest Summer on record - had several days last week when it was 40 degrees (centigrade) and over! (104-109 Farenheit) even the pool water was 35c (95f) so we had to leave the pool blanket off for a few nights to get the water to a temperature that wasn't like swimming in a bath!!! - 38 today but fortunately down to only 31 tomorrow which is good as I have the first meeting for this year of the Kumihimo group I go to (monthly) as it's a bit of a drive away (35 mins) glad it's not a stinky hot day! The heat is also the reason I have been a bit remiss with my blogging - too hot to sit by the computer with the amount of heat that is generated by the hard drive under the desk! Anyway - here are a couple of pics of needle lace - the workshop was tutored by Olwyn Scott - a fellow West Australian who has made and taught needle lace for many years - my leaf is the blue/orange/cream one - to the right in the first photograph - and I actually haven't finished it yet as I haven't seen it recently in the studio - probably in a "Safe place" LOL!

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