November 13, 2012

Needle Lace and Bobbin Lace Heart's Desire part 1

Picture 1 

Picture 2

Picture 3
Hi All - Well here are the first picture's of the progress of my Heart's Desire jewellery - The design was based on the Dorothy Mackellar Poem as mentioned in my previous post. The sides of the neck part were worked in Milanese Bobbin Lace - right side in Blue Moravia Linen thread and the left side in a salmony coloured Moravia Linen thread. The pattern is "Meander in Braid 2". I worked this on a lace pillow ... ended it off then couched the bobbin lace pieces into place on the needle lace pad ... The rest of the design was then outline couched....and the needle lace fillings begun ..... the outer flames first in single corded Brussels with beads added.... and a couple of the parts of the coiling "Lithe Liana's threads used for the needle lace were mainly silks but some cottons too... The white base of what will be the feature "Opal" is in place (Single Corded Brussels Stitch)....The 2nd picture shows the background "Sapphire Misted Mountains" worked in single corded Brussels and also Pea Stitch Variation... the Lithe Liana on the left has now been filled in with single corded Brussels stitch with "Venetian Gros Point" four hole included as well as a version of this with 4 beads in formation rather than the holes... The "Sunburnt Country" in the foreground (right) is now worked - again in Single Corded Brussels stitch but this time with a Venetian Gros Point 9 hole feature and also deep charcoal coloured real pearls... the dry "River bed" is now under construction in single corded Brussels with beads every now and again on the straight return ...

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