August 2, 2013

Tatting on a Needle case

Hi All- Yes - I am still here - Blogwise - I have been doing mostly lurking as the things I have been working on this year have been "Secret squirrel" stuff ... either things that I am teaching at an upcoming Lace conference or for exhibition/display ... so all hush hush - which means of course that I don't have much time to blog or even load pics on the computer or the pics that I have taken can't be put on here (yet).... however - here are a couple of pics of a Needle case I made for one of my Gals' Birthdays earlier in the year (Carol Lee),  she attends my embroidery group :) it is rather cute and I wish I had made myself one - especially as I collect needle cases - oh well - something to do in the future :)
Silvery grey panne velvet for the background :)

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