March 11, 2007

Dodgy disc!

Hi, no posts for a few days as I have had a dodgy disc in my back so haven't been up to too much... I did go to Lace group yesterday but took my Kanthas embroidery quilt as I was not going to be able to bend over a lace pillow. I have been gradually packing my suitcase ready for the teaching trip on Friday ...still a few things to "round up" though :-D
I took my goodies to show the others which I exchanged with a new friend in USA - she wanted some of my Cattern's Day painted bobbins so I got yummy threads, beads, Angelina fibres and a little kit for foiling on fabric... I will post pics on here when I get a chance in a few weeks time to do something with them at the moment I only have time to look and fondle them haha!
I had a friend ring me today in regards to the Wire workshop ... my first definite student letting me know how many pairs of wire bobbins she has .... Yay!!! I will have to get into the rest of the preparations for that in April as soon as the needlelace teaching trip is over and Easter too (My fave choccie time of the year!)

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