April 25, 2007

Chocolate pots!!!

Hi All - I managed to find one of the pics from my Trip ... this was taken in Sydney at "Max Brenner's ... it is called a "Suckao" there is a small tealight in the bottom of the pot at right and hot frothy milk in the top into which you spoon the small chocolate pastilles (this is my friend Ethel and she had selected milk choc ones - I had dark choc!!!) you then stir it and the heat from the tealight underneath melts the choc into the milk then you sip it with the metal spoon which is also a straw ... mmmmmmmmm ... then pour a little more milk from the little jug and more pastilles ....voilá ... verrrrry decadent ...so much so that you can buy the little tealight pot and straw in a set or a pair of them ...my friend and I both bought a pair..... I showed my best friend back here in Perth on Easter Sunday using Margaret River choc pastilles which I just happened to have in my fridge (left from Xmas!!!) talk about addictive haha ... and with winter coming......mmmmmmmmmmmmmm :-D

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