April 17, 2007

Stoopid Computer!

Hi All
My appologies for not sending any posts ... I have had an Easter which was pretty hectic ... then last Wednesday my printer decided to "kark" it ..... then when we bought a new one it wouldn't load but as DH was trying to load it the program and all stored info from the old printer was deleted and lost !!!! I do have some back up discs from January for other info like all my stuff in " Word" so not a total disaster but the computer guy took the hard drive away on Sunday without asking if we needed to back any recent stuff up and has reloaded Windows XP on and lost recent things grrrr... it's different from the XP we had before so I am having huge problems finding info and the computer is not doing half the things it should so am thoroughly P**d off with it ... We also lost all our photo's stored in the program which came with our digital camera ... fortunately I have most of the older pics on a disc and the ones since last July are still on the cards in the camera and case ... hadn't gotten around to going to get the prints done yet ... luckily!!!! had to reload MSN got that working last night but not had a chance to check the web cam yet ... also my DD has reloaded Limewire and other programs which were wiped off! still have to re load my MP3 player and transfer the songs back to the Windows Media Player ... also lost the few which I had downloaded in the interim ... I will get to telling you all about the Teaching trip ...honest! but can only take this computer in small doses at the mo!

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