June 2, 2007

Painting and other Painting!

Hi I am still here! I have had a busy week painting bobbins until yesterday when Hubby and I started preparing our bedroom for decoration! We actually started painting today and yes I did use a bigger brush than normal haha (Usually it's a 0000 - not a 1 1/2 inch!)
Second coat to do tomorrow and hopefully as Monday is a Bank Holiday here we can get the room back together ... only 3 nights on the lounge sofa bed - that will be plenty!!!!
I missed lace today ...I should have been at wire lace but the bedroom had to come first as Hubby was psyched for it! and I gotta strike whilst the iron is hot!
We are off to a friend's daughter and her hubby's housewarming party tonight but it won't be a late night with all the decorating to do ho hum!
Hopefully back to crafty stuff later next week.....


Hannah Katarski said...


Wanted to let you know that I have decided on Metamophica for my exhibition name! Thanks for your help. I'd like to send you a thank you. Would you mind e-mailing your address to me? e-mail is: artist at hannahkatarski.com


Hannah Katarski said...

Also your list of favourite movies is almost exactly the same as mine!! Except I never really 'got' four weddings and a funeral. But Notting Hill. Love it. Such great dialogue...
Just watched ALL the harry potters that are out recently. My husband is currently listening to the audio books...all of them. :)