August 22, 2007

Stitchety Grubs Stitches


These two pics (specifically) for my "fellow" Stitchety Grub Embroidery Gals ... a pic of Ros's "Chambray blues" jacket and Colleen's Crazy patch bag (with of course her own handmade bobbin lace on it!) We have all done our last Month's Pekinese Stitch and are now onto this month's "Chain Stitch" -I haven't actually started mine yet but I know which little square of my Pantoran (see earlier blog postings) I will do it on ....I will do it in fine thread as ripples around the gorgeous "totoise" button a lace friend gave me 2 years ago ...I have been saving it for something special ... now is the time haha! I will ofcourse post a pic when done ....I have been busy varnishing around 180 bobbins at the mo and a another batch of 40-50 will need doing after that .... and I am also working on the Wire Lace workshop notes and of course luvly ATC's .... (spoken or rather written like a true addict haha! :-D) No peace for the wicked!!! he he he waggling eybrows!

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