November 12, 2007

Back again!!!

Hi All - sorry I haven't been around ... my computer crashed and it's taken 12 days to get this new one sorted and delivered though the computer man has to come around again tonight to help me retrieve some info and to get Outlook sorted ...being that I am a computer illiterate bod!!
Tomorrow I am hoping to load pics from my camera ... I did give the puter guy the camera disc and bless his likkle cotton socks he has loaded the program on already.
I do still have to load on my MP3 player's program as I forgot to pop that disc in with the others! Duh!
Whilst I have been without a puter I have managed to get quite a lot of creative things done in the Studio ... I have been making tiny Xmas "Dottee dolls" which I hope to finish tomorrow and then I can take a pic. I also have finished the coloured stitchery on my Kanthas Quilt nad have started on the white background quilting ... stayed tuned ....I have,of course been madly painting bobbins and varnishing them ...getting ready for The West Aus Cattern's Day Fair a week Saturday.
The weather has changed Summer is on it's way ... Saturday was 30°c - Dear Daughter and I had a "Gals Day out" shopping down in Fremantle - it was a faaaab day! ..Yesterday the temp was 37°c and today was supposed to be 39°c ... I got dear hubby to get up on the roof yesterday and sort out the airconditioner ready for the summer season so it has been luvly and cool in here today! yay! Still way too cold in the pool though ... being a big concrete one it's takes quite a few consecutively hot days to get it up to temperature ... gonna get solar heating put in one day .... don't hold breath though haha! :D

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