November 22, 2007

ATC's received and chat

Hi All,

I am still around ... lurking alot in the last week and a half since I got this new computer! The other one was beyond salvage ... ditzy motherboard!

I have also been very busy getting ready for this Saturday's Cattern's Day Lace Fair here in Perth, West Aus ... I will be having a stall selling my Hand Painted Lace Bobbins so I have been very busy the last few weeks getting stock together as I had sold more than expected at the September conference ... who knew the ladies would spend up big hahahaha!

I have been doing a bit of craft in the studio but can't put a pic up of it as yet as they are for gifts ... stay tuned...... well have to go make sure I have something to take along to my Stitcety Grubs Embroidery group tomorrow morning so bye for now ...
I couldn't remember putting this pic on before ... it's of the luvly ATC that Pat sent me back in March (my first ever ATC - so verrrry special) then the next 2 are also from Pat which were in exchange with a couple of mine in August and then the bottom one is a felted one from Doreen .... I am gradually swapping and collecting ATC's and after this Saturday's Lace Fair where I might aquire a couple more .... I will take some new pics next week and pop them on here to show you.... since I updated the header on my blog a couple of months ago I haven't been able to load on any link thingies ..... so I don't think there are many of you visiting :-( ... I will have to go and leave messages on other blogs and "spread myself around!!!" haha....

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