August 11, 2008

Hi All - Studio and Olympics

Hi Everyone
Just a quick note to say "I am around and about" - just really busy in the studio painting bobbins - I have quite a few large orders in at the moment and I am also trying to get the stock together for both the Albany Lace Weekend (Sept 5-8) and for my stall at The Australian Lace Guild AGM week (Sept 21-28) ... and have to confess that we bought a new big 46 inch LCD TV 2 weeks ago and on Saturday (just gone) the unit for it to sit on and matching coffee table and recliner 3 piece suite arrived so I have been coming out of the studio at 7.30pm and instead of spending 1 1/2 hours at the computer I have been sitting in the comfy chair and watching the Olympics!!!
As we here in West Australia are on the same time line as China we are getting coverage at normal times and not all hours of the night as we have in most past Olympics! Which is great as I can work in the studio and have it on on the tv in there .... (Instead of watching recorded stuff from previous evenings as the daytime tv here is atrocious!) Wow! good word that ...think I will make it my word of the week haha!
Well off to the comfy chair and to watch this evenings coverage ... :-)


Miss 376 said...

Being in the UK, I have something to watch on sleepless nights! Enjoy the rest of the coverage

artisbliss said...

Lucky you with the instant Olympics coverage. We've got to wait and see filmed bits, but it's still exciting.

Atrocious is a great word. I usually use it in connection with the state of my teenager's bedroom.