October 8, 2008

Painting and Decorating and ATC's

Hi Everyone - I have sneaked onto the computer ... my Hubby is on holidays this week and we are redecorating our living area... it was last done nearly 16 years ago when our son was a few weeks old! We are painting two colours ... todays walls were a saffron golden yellow colour and tomorrow we do a second coat then the other walls which will be a cinnamon red colour.... I have bought new curtains which are deep dark blue ... the theme is a Marrakesh/Indian/ Moroccan feel.... as you will know I mentioned a couple of months ago that we had bought a huge TV and new "dark" wood furniture ... so I am really looking forward to it all being done. I am planning a wall hanging ...long and narrow on the Indian style crazy patchwork with embroidery and have a lovely carved long thingie from which it will hang ...probably sounds very confusing but I will post pics eventually which will make it clearer! So I have not had a chance to get back in the studio since I got back from my 2 weeks in Brisbane last Sunday... I hope to get back in there next week as I have around 100 bobbins to get done by Cattern's Day on Nov 29th! Eeeek!
The pics here are ladies which I painted on (painted) calico and embellished with tatted lace and they became ATC's some of which I swapped at the recent Lace conference.
I will be ducking out (of the painting) tomorrow for a couple of hours as it is our daughters 19th Birthday and she is taking the day off and wants me to go with her shopping for a dress and a fascinator as she is off to Melbourne at the end of the month and is going to the Melbourne Cup Races!!!
That reminds me I have to go wrap her pressies ....


artisbliss said...

Lovely ladies. Happy birthday to your daughter.

Genie said...

Beautiful work. Happy birthday to your daughter.
Have a great weekend

Christine said...

I love the way you've used the tatting to make collars on the ladies. Very clever, but them I'm a costume person and appreciate this type of thing more than the average person I guess, VBG.

Your ATCs are just lovely, wish I could tat now!!