October 28, 2008

AGM Pics and news

Hi All - I am back (briefly) I have been really busy in the studio ...painting bobbins ... I had another couple of small orders and a larger one of 25 bobbins! in the last few days so I am absolutely flat out ... in between still doing the decorating of the living area (in essence 4 large rooms in one!) hopefully we will finish it this weekend! The pics here were taken at the recent conference ... the AGM dinner in fact! The first pic shows on the left, Margaret (my tutor for the needlelace workshop) from New South Wales, me in the middle and my friend Gaye from South Australia on the right. The second pic shows my annual dinner date my luvly mate Ethel (Yes the Ethel I stayed with in Sydney last year on my needlelace teaching trip and who introduced me to the Suckao Chocolate pots!!!) I have known Ethel for 14 years or so now! and we catch up every September at the Aus Lace Guild conference week! The bottom pic is my buddy Shell (Michelle) from Tasmania ... she was kind enough to put up with me for the week as we shared a room.
Besides the bobbin painting I am getting a little bit done in the "crafty department" ... I started the "Indian style" crazy patch (wall hanging) panel to go in our newly decorated family room it will measure around 1.84m long by 75cms deep and I am doing it in 3 parts so that it is more manageable for the embroidery and beading/sequining! I am taking pics of it as I go so stay tuned..... must dash ...have fallen behind with the emails too! never enough hours in the day and it doesn't help with the clock change last weekend (Daylight saving ...grrr hate it!)


Genie said...

great photos, look forward to seeing pics of your w i p Panel

artisbliss said...

Very nice photos. Looks like you had a great time!