January 17, 2009

Egyptian Scarab Needle Lace Bra Bag

Hi All - First of all Yay! I have just checked a bit further down the blog entries and I give a big Thank You to Ma Clara Lloveras who left a comment on January 8th on the entry about my Xmas ATC's which meant that I have at last obtained my "last Year's Goal" of getting more than 6 comments on any one entry! yay! doing happy dance haha! LOL! In regards to the last entry - about my Wire Lace Workshop this coming April- Hi Miss 376 - yes I hope the students do enjoy making the wire pieces ... I have one student who did a wire workshop with me the last time I taught it in September 2007 so she is coming back for more or perhaps it is the lure of the chocolate that seems to always be "on the table" during my workshops (I rarely bring it myself but they all know I am a chocoholic and bring it themselves!! haha) Guzzi Sue thanks for your comment too. Jennifer Rose - Hi .... they hold their shape remarkably well... plaiting in wire lace is fairly strong and the wire I use is Enamel Coated Copper Wire 32 guage (0.2) the only time I have to be careful when wearing them is when I am out and about in my car and I have to be a bit careful with the seatbelt!
Hi Pat using wire is even slower than the usual bobbin lace as you have to tension after every single move not just at the end of a row... it is actually easier to join in a new thread when other thread breaks too! it's really quite forgiving!
The pics here are of my "Bra Bag" which I made last year ... the bag was made up ready for the "Scarab body" to go onto... the body of the Scarab was of course the needlelace workshop that I did during the Australian Lace Guild AGM week in September in Brisbane with my lovely tutor "Margaret Stephens".
I managed to just about get it finished on the final AGM day ...it was hastily sewn on (as you can still see I need to take it off and re sew it on properly!) about 1 hour before the AGM dinner ... more tassels need to be made as the ones on here are actually the earrings that go with my Nefertiti Purse which can be seen in earlier posts on my blog!! So that's somehtin gI need to do soon. The edging on the bottom is also all hand made needlelace using 2 different metallic threads - a pig to work but the effect was what I wanted! and that was done before hand too. The metallic gold bra (size 16c so definitely way to big for me haha) was on sale for Aus $6 ... I have a metallic turquoise one and also a metallic silver one which I got at the same time ... unadorned as yet though!


Miss 376 said...

Absolutely fascinating. Can't wait to see what you do with the others

laura_rose said...

Love the bra bag...what a novel idea. A much neater use for this detested garment :))

Carol said...

Fab! Nice to see the bra bag all over the world. Love what you have done with it and can't wait to see what you do with it.

Genie said...

all looks very interesting

Carapace said...

I love it! What a hoot of a project!