March 27, 2009

Embroidered handbag

Hi All - I have been really busy the past week or so - getting ready for the Wire Lace workshop which I am teaching in 3 weeks time - also I have started working on this year's painted bobbin stock as well as a few large orders which I have "going through" at the moment. Never enough hours in the day is there?
I was a bit miffed (Putting it politely!!!) last Sunday when I discovered that my "Ott-Lite" True Colour Task lamp which I have had 2 1/2 to 3 years suddenly died last Sunday! The bulb is s'posed to last 10,000 hours ...mine will have done around 5,000 at a push! so I have been attempting to track down a replacement bulb - TALK ABOUT HEN's Teeth - you know ...RARE! Here in West Aus I can't find anywhere that stocks it ...the shop at which I bought it still sells them but not the replacement bulbs!!! as does another local large craft shop but they too don't sell the bulbs.... I have found 2 outlets Embroidery/quilting shop right over the other side of the country in Queensland and a Scrap book place also over in Queensland!!! The bulbs cost AU$30-34 plus $9 postage ..... I have decided to get a completely new lamp from "the internet" a place over East Aus (I think in New South Wales) but it is a similar lamp (Aussie company rather than the USA Ott-Lite) and for AU$85 I can get the lamp with an additional replacement bulb and that price includes the postage!!! ... what a bargain! ...I am amazed though that these shops sell the lamps but not new bulbs for them ...sheesh! crazy!
Ok... now stepping off "soap box"!!!! hehe!
I was given 2 new "Wild Women Brooches today ... at my Embroidery Group (Stitchety Grubs) we are all making them for each other's Birthdays this year ...and as we usually meet 2 weekly this is the last meeting before my April B'day! I will take a photo of them over this weekend and post them on this blog. They are sooo cool hehe!
The pics here are of an embroidered Handbag which I did a few years ago ...and forgot I had it was buried in my wardrobe!!!
Tomorrow it is the West Aus Lace Guild Lace Day and I am looking forward to catching up with some friends whom I haven't seen since the Cattern's Day meeting last November - (Cattern's Day is really "St Catherine's Day" she was the patron Saint of Lace makers - it is Nov 25th) so It's been 4 months! Oh and Thank you to those of you who were kind enough to leave a comment ... I do so love getting them ..... and I will be giving away a Wild Women Brooch which I mentioned in the previous post soon ... it is 3/4 done ... so stay tuned.....


Jennifer Rose said...

$85 for a lamp?!? o.0 have to be a really good lamp lol The don't sell the bulbs so that some people just go and buy a new lamp, easy way to get money from desperate people.

TattingChic said...

Cool bag!

Hope you stop on by for my 1st Blogoversary/100th post celebration! I'm even having a giveaway! Do come on over! Everyone is invited!!! :)

laura_rose said...

I am sooo glad your lovely bag has escaped from the bottom of the wardrobe :) I always thought Tassie could be frustrating enough when it comes to supplies...sounds like W.A is not much better! Hope your new lamp arrives soon :)